Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset

Golden halo upon the skies
Sunrise paints the heavens
Long ago I came nigh
In search for my Eden

Vincent's sky of blue hues
Starry starry night so brilliant
Enveloped by the blues
Lovers fight, often flippant

A burst of wine stricken clouds
Purveyor of darkened hours ahead
Happiness heavily veiled in shroud
The heart and soul in shreds

Sinar Runduk Malam

Mega kuning dini hari
Sinar naik di awangan
Rasa runsing di hati sepi
Di manakah kayangan

Mega biru saujana indah
Tak seindah mega malam
Jiwa resah gulana gundah
Tiada sudah kiriman salam

Mega merah petang hari
Mendung awan lara
Patah arah hilang hati
Rundung dan sengsara

Le Soleil

Le soleil peintures du ciel
la lumière d'or
Je suis presque pour
recherche de mon Eden


  1. Really like how you wrote the poem, especially the powerful concluding lines "Happiness heavily veiled in shroud / The heart and soul in shreds" Has a nice sound quality to it and completes a great poem. thanks

  2. Superbly written. I wish I could say more but I think the poem speaks for itself. Be Inspired Today! Love and Light, Sender

  3. wonderfully painful search of eden you found pain...shiver. nice one shot....

  4. Ah... now what have you done..
    the Malay pantoun has been beautifully woven to be a (heart-tearing/tear-jerking ?) poem..
    Tres bien.. sokmo

  5. Such a beautiful image and such pain contained within this poem.

  6. Nice Indeed...Perfect title for this peiece...the oppostites of love....bkm

  7. Reading the first poem made me wish I could read the others, written in languages I sadly don't comprehend. Nice work!

  8. Fabulous! so much enjoying this read..:)) nice one shot :)

  9. ..enveloped by the blues…beautiful - i like to play the blues - you weaved it into your poem...

  10. such great emotions I feel
    about this poem
    beautifully written

  11. Dear Dustus,
    When I went to bed after finishing it I felt it was not what I hoped it would be...I woke up to read your comment. Your words have helped me decide to continue giving one shots...

    Dear Sender,
    Thank you, Sender for the ultimate compliment.

    Dear Brian
    Yes, you see what I myself did not see. But it's true! And that's quite earth shattering.

    Dear Ayoh Wang
    For that "Tres bien.. sokmo" I shall dub you my No 1 fan. And maybe I will attempt to write Sunrise Sunset in Trengganu Speak - Horror of horrors(because I have very limited TS)!

    Dear TALON
    Your name inspires me to be cruel and bad sometimes...Glad you liked it.

    Dearest bkm,
    I love it that you saw that the title was a metaphor for opposites. For the other two though, the titles were Sunset (Malay) and The Sun(French)

    Dear Eric,
    Honestly, the best one is in Malay(No 2). I am glad you found them interesting enough to wonder about them. My French is extremely it will be a challenge to continue to give a French interpretation.

    Dear Desert Rose
    I loved your blog and am delighted you found your way here...Thank you for reading - and sharing your thoughts!

    Dear Claudia,
    Why, thanks Claudia. The blues is better to accompany heartbreak, I think.

    Dearest Suz
    Yours blew me way. And still does...

  12. Your poem took me around and around. You wrote it in three languages? Thanks for the peek -- I liked its sound in French.
    Le soleil peintures du ciel
    la lumière d'or
    Je suis presque pour
    recherche de mon Eden
    I was carried back to the Musee d'Orsay for the second stanza seeing the Van Gogh there so real and vivid and almost missed the meaning of your poem.
    I read it several times. The ending has an ambiguity--almost but not quite-- is what I came away thinking. How remarkable to see through the violence to a surreal beauty. Excellent.

  13. Contrasting moods very beautifully portrayed with the sunrise-sunset image... very lovely indeed!

    Oui.. Le soleil peut peindre quelques beaux peintures...
    Tres bien, Ninotaziz!!!

  14. Again, beautifully done. - Bill

  15. Being a moon I spend much time studying the sun
    A powerful, gold orb as you mentioned
    Thanks for the painting of the sun with words

    thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon smiles

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  18. Dear Beachanny,
    I almost died and went to heaven when you said you liked its sound [the poem] in French. I am using the One Shot Wednesday as an experiment to write French Poetry and Le soleil is my first ever. It will take a special place in my heart.

    Yes, Isn't it amazing that Van Gogh's skies are always an amazing blue on blue even in the darkest of nights? And so turbulent they are...never a calm sky for the tortured genius.

    Your words really lifted me up and away. Thank you Beachanny.

  19. Dear Kavita,
    Do you know I found out about One Shot from your blog? Thanks Kavita! And thanks for the lovely feedback. Merci beaucoup!

    Thank you Bill - Yours was pretty awesome too.

    Dear moondustwriter,
    What would we do without celestial beings? Thank you for One Shots!

  20. Lovely poem. And I really like the multi-lingual presentation. Why do things always sound better in French?

  21. hi ninotaziz..i am late doing the rounds but so glad i stopped by..not only was this an amazing poem but you also wrote a stanza in are a very talented poet..well done and thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete

  22. I don't know just does! Thanks for dropping by!

    Thank you Pete. I will try to do One Shots in this format every week...

  23. Lovely words Nino and thanks for stopping by!


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