The Moonflower

The Owl sits alone and winsome
And the Moonflower blushes at dawn
The lady waits with unabated passion
She grasps the moon tightly like a thorn

The Moonflower blushes at dawn
Gently kissed by the sun afar
She grasps the moon tightly like a thorn
And her tears fall like bewitching stars

Gently kissed by the sun afar
The Moonflower is evolving
As her tears fall like bewitching stars
The sun envelopes her awakening

Like an oyster opening
Revealing a brilliant pearl…

Bakawali Harum Dini Hari

Burung pungguk tunduk terkedu
Bakawali harum di dalam taman
Adik terduduk menahan rindu
Bulan mengambang di tapak tangan

Bakawali harum di dalam taman
Sayang layu di sinar mega
Bulan mengambang di tapak tangan
Bintang gugur di kelopak mata

Sayang layu disinar mega
Sinar naik ke tengahari
Bintang gugur di kelopak mata
Mentari menusuk ke sanubari

Bak mutiara suci…

La fleur de lune Dimanche

Alors à l'aube, que la fleur de lune ouvre
Doucement embrassé par le dim loin
Elle saisit fermement la lune comme douleur
Ses larmes tombent comme brillant étoiles

comme des perles…

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.


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  1. i like the progressiona nd the repitition of the lines in this ....grasps it tightly like a thorn...that is quite an image...but sometimes we need that to get the oyster open, eh? nice one shot!

  2. So often there is little gain without pain. The images in this poem are gorgeous.

  3. The movement of the lines become a dance of the flower, the sun&moon, all shining like a pearl. Loved it, very lovely and graceful. Thank you.

  4. This is a very lovely piece...well done :) Shakespeare In Love is one of my favorite movies too...Top 10 easy :)

  5. Poetry in the flower, and a flower in the poetry.

  6. I thought that flower with moving for a second...

    Lovely poem.

    Thanks for sharing!


    (@ "Sweeter Poetry" )

  7. Very pretty - I like that style, too!

  8. There is something I love reading the solid use of a rich form. Engaging and well written. - Bill

  9. Ninotaziz this is one of my favorites of your beautiful poems...the closing line is brilliantly perfect...i love response to your comment on my last post...i consider it an honor that you feel my poem echoes your thoughts as your own poetry. I feel a kindrid spirit with you and feel blessed to have met you here and becoming friends...thank you for all your wonderful encouragment, and inspiration. :-)

  10. again you have written in different languages...very very impressive!!! the repetition is great and tight..the flow is wonderful..great poem..cheers pete

  11. Under the differences are the feel of the wind and the warmth of the sun...well written.Thanks for dropping by to read my poem. Hope your week goes well

  12. My goodness Ninotaziz
    you have me still wondering
    is this a Malay pantoum
    or a sonnet/pantoum hybrid
    It's been a while since I've written in form
    so I need help on this one
    ...but I loved it

  13. Beautiful. The word moonflower alone is a poem:) Lovely images: the moonflower blushes at dawn.......tears fall like bewitching stars......this is the stuff of poetry, kiddo! Wonderful poem!

  14. beautiful this moonflower - beautiful too your poem to it...bkm

  15. wowww... loved the way you have described the birth of two entirely different life forms in the same flow... it's very beautiful, and is nicely done!

  16. Dear all,
    Thank you for your lovely comments. For the benefit of Suz and anyone else who would like to know more about the Malay pantun, I hereby attach a short explanation.

    The Malay pantun originated in the 16th century if not earlier. It is not in keeping with Malay culture to claim authorship so we do not know who the authors are. Generally literature was written under the royal palace patronship.

    What I have penned in Malay (2nd poem) is called Pantun Berkait or more well known in the Western world as pantoum in essence.

    Sometime in the 1800s, Victor Hugo and other poets came in contact with Malay royalty and were introduced to pantun. I suspect Sultan Abdullah who was exiled to Seychelles in 1874 from Malaya also had something to do with popularising the pantun.

    Anyway, in the beginning the poets translated classic malay pantun then went on to create their own.

    The major difference between pantun and pantoum - in the Malay form, the first two lines 'the dream' gives a metaphor or indication what happens in the next two lines in the same stanza ie 'the reality'. This is crucial to the elegance of the pantun. The closer in sound and metaphor of the 'dream' - the more elegant the pantun.

    I hope I do not sound patronising or lecturing - actually I have just taken up pantun writing in the last two years. Poems however, have been with me forever.

    In fact in Malaysia, pantun is really something almost anyone can do if they put their mind to it as we grew up with pantun as well as nursery rhymes.


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