A tribute to 1Q84 in haiku

Two hands clasped in fall
Reached across childhood borders
A lifetime promise
Aomame's summer
Brought the night of two moons
Upon her suddenly
Tengo's Town of Cats
Unhappiness reigned free fall
How do I venture?
Yet, hearts and loins
Struggled to rule all actions 
While Little People play
Deep into the night
Sinister at every turn
Surreal loveliness
Two hands clasped in winter
Love found for keeps, for now
One moon remains -
by ninotaziz. all rights reserved
IQ84 is Murakami's latest novel.
Surreal. Intense. Satisfying.
For dVerse : Literary Allusions


  1. intriguing...so is this your impression form the novel and a bit of synopsis? will def have to check it out as it sounds like it has some really interesting elements....

    again, great to see you ninot.

    1. I read 1Q84, all 1300 odd pages in one sitting, Brian. The writing - I think it suffered ever so slightly from translation. Sigh, what I would give to read Japanese, Russian and Sanskrit.

      The storytelling however is riveting.

  2. I know the struggles of translating to write and interpret. I loved your words, especially the stanza while little people play. I have heard of this work you mention; quite the undertaking. I may give it a look. Thanks for the tip and great write!

    1. Thank you Henry. I loved your single leaf and yes, I wish I knew more languages and understand all its cultural nuances.

      I write in English and Malay, and struggle and crawl in French. Still, I consider myself lucky we have Anna Karenina, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and My Name is Red in English. And today, Murakami's Kafka On The Shore and 1Q84.

      I am glad you enjoyed your visit.

  3. It sounds like a highly interesting read. Your poetry is full of beautiful imagery. I love the thought of two hands clasped together have found love and it seems, will weather it through all seasons. Lovely.
    I admire your determination to overcome language barriers. Way to go you! :)

    1. Dear Bren,
      In Malaysia, we are used to learning each other's mother tongue - there are so many different ethnics, we end up learning two or three languages, or at least the street version of it. So I end up knowing a spattering of Cantonese and Arabic as well. My late grandfather was fluent in Japanese as he was a teacher during the war.

      1Q84 is really different from any novel I have read. But my all-time favorite remains to be Dune.

      Thank you for dropping by!

  4. A very lovely journey in this poem. K.

    1. Dear K
      I am glad to see you are safe and sound, back in New York with power on and internet not denied to you.

      1Q84 is not a lovely book. It is surreal and at times disturbing. And yet hope peeks through. It is about a world where you cannot take yourself and your surroundings, for granted.

  5. Nice images. But poetry laden with allusions is hard for me to grasp and walk away feeling like we have met.

    1. There is time for that. Thank you for reading!

  6. ninotazz, what a great idea to turn to a novel for inspiration. It seems to me that you have the ability to summarize with touching poetic musings. I look forward to reading more of your work. And, I agree...wouldn't it be a thrill to read some of our great works in their original language? Victoria

    1. I loved your De-mise, Victoria!

      I have made it my life's mission to safe keep Malay and Asian Legends, retelling them and writing anthologies so that they do not disappear. I use poetry as the old bards used pantun and syair to spice up their storytelling. So you are right!

  7. 1300 pages in one sitting. Truly amazing. I enjoyed your haiku, but they are a bit 'over my head' as I am unfamiliar with the book.

  8. Dear Mary, I hope it provides a teaser to 1Q84. Lovely to have you here.


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