Through the night and back

I live today, in the moment
Daily loves, daily routines
Daughter, lover, sister, parent
Alive and well - I'm flying

through the eyes of a child

At night though, dreams take hold
The centuries fall back, I travel
The waters of time withhold
their secrets no more - I revel

through the histories of the times

My home lies in the Malay Peninsula
An ancient bridge to the world
 I walk the Silk Roads to Persia
Drink tea with Cheng Ho, the Admiral

through time, I witnessed the cycles

Rivers flooded and man rebuilt
Houses on stilts, palaces and tombs
Huge bahtera sailed across the seas
Garuda flew the skies of doom

through the legends of the night

Civilisations rise and fall 
Princesses continue to beguile
Ruling houses, one and all
Conquer for a while

through the might of the crushing hand

Kings leave monuments - awe-inspiring
Sorcery and magic abound
East or West, from Chini to Ys
Serpents or dragons come around

I am enthralled.


For dVerse Open Link Night

My journey as a writer has resulted in the publication of Malaysian and Asian folklore and legends. And I am forever thankful for this opportunity to introduce Asian legends to the world.



  1. Wow Nino...many congratulations on being published.

    This poem thrilled me for many different reasons. The history appealed to me to begin with but, the fantasy of crossing the ancient bridge and walking the Silk routes truly enthralled. The imagery all through this is enchanting. I agree, sooner or later, all nations fall. No matter if they are a democracy too. Something happens and it all changes.
    Really enjoyed this Nino, and, am thrilled for your being asked to publish your writings on Malaysian and Asian folklore and legends.
    Way to go you :)

    1. Dear Bren,
      I went through a whole lot of your poems tonight and enjoyed my journey very much. You are a prolific writer and touched on many aspects of life I hold dear myself.

      I especially enjoyed The Keeper and Spirit of Wolf.

      I am glad you saw my little hint on nations. You are, quite a gem.

    2. Oh yes, I love the story on Victor/Victoria too!

  2. ah i would be enthralled as history is much more shallow than yours but it is everywhere...i am entranced a bit by your history and love the refs in your verse....

    1. We all have our histories, the earth is so old. The world is an island all of us share Brian, my history is your too.

  3. wonderful images in this...An ancient bridge to the world...
    walking the Silk Routes to Persia...what a magical trip

    1. Everytime I read a part of history, I become enamored. Whether it is on Champa, Sailendra, Mataram, Malacca, Tang or Ming Dynasty, Egypt or Incan, African or American, Persian - I lose myself in its intricacies.

      Thanks Claudia for the journey.

  4. Oh you put me right there, along the Silk Road......back in the rich tapestry of time. Lovely, kiddo. Just beautiful.

  5. You live in a part of the world so rich in history and culture. I believe the history of "our" places and our own lives affect us in ways we may not even understand. Congratulations on being published, Nino.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I love the history of our land, there's no denying. But I love our shared history of the world too. Thank you for being here.

  6. Thank you for taken me on this wondrous journey through your rich history Nino - no wonder you are enthralled!

    Many congratulations on being published - well deserved.

    Anna :o]

    1. Thanks Anna. I am lucky and have been doing this for the last 8 to 10 years. Recently however, my work has attracted interest and recognition.

      God bless.

  7. I love the way you structured this with the stand alone lines. Gorgeous write!

    1. I tend to favor this style, even with haiku. Thanks Mama Zen!

  8. Nino, this is gorgeous as others have already said. You have every right to be enthralled, what a rich poem filled with wonderful imagery.


    1. Thank you Pamela. I love poetry - and my heritage of legends is a life long passion.

  9. love the exotic historical essence here. the stuff of dreams, to be sure.

  10. Ninot Ma'am,
    A breath of salvation the kind that rarely makes an entry but for you, one who took the bull by the horns. A contribution to society and mankind that most could only hope and envy never realizing the untiring efforts and sacrifices you made.I salute you for affording us the goodness of your intellect. Congrats, Ma'am, for your recent publication, we're so proud of you. Prouder still for mentoring a raw me who is now enjoying every minute of it in blogsphere. Thank you! I'm forever grateful!

    P/S What's the tally in total. How many books written this far?

  11. Thank you Sir Hank. It never felt that way, I was just driven to research and write the stories.

    Eight written, four published, two awaiting print and two I have submitted for the Calistro Competition.

    I am afraid I am the type who writes a book, totally taken up by them during the whole process, then when they are published, immediately move on to the next book. However, Hikayat gave me the chance to do interviews, talks at the National University, and a radio and TV appearance! That was a humbling experience - and so much fun!

    I am glad you enjoy writing poetry. Alas, you were passionate about it - and naturally took to it like duck to wateR!

    1. Oh yes, I am also in the midst of co-writing Inheritance From The Garden with famed horticulturist Mr Lam Pang Sam.

  12. This is absolutely a wonderful poem! It portrays your true passion for history. I especially like these two lines; "My home lies in the Malay Peninsula,
    An ancient bridge to the world."
    Reading things in the internet, I feel that there are much more great history of our country that is still hidden.

    Is "Naga" available in local book stores? I couldn't find it.

  13. Dear Zunnur,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful words. Yes, it is the legends of our land that I totally embrace - I just love our rich history and nuances, culture and quiet dignity.

    Unfortunately, NAGA is still not available locally, though you can find HIKAYAT at MPH. I have two three book projects lined up so NAGA may not see a Malaysian release until 2014. You can get it online here

    or from Amazon.

    Keep on writing!

    1. You're welcome! I'm not really sure but I feel that the history and legends of our beloved land are fading away from the minds of the new generation. I'm glad that your work is published with more to come.

      I saw Hikayat at MPH when I was looking for Naga. The book cover was appealing. I'll find a copy for myself. And I wish you success in the upcoming projects.

  14. They are fading. And I consider a duty to retell the stories.

    I hope you enjoy HIKAYAT. I am writing another novel at the moment for young adults and am consumed by it.

    Take care.


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