The song of Nusantara

I walk the edge
of heaven when the lilting 
music of gamelan lifts me

to freedom

by ninotaziz


My dear friends from the poetry blogosphere

I would like to invite you to the beauty of the Nusantara, encapsulated in this song. We believe this is the true eden on earth. Our music beguiles, our people charms you with genuine friendship, our stories are ancient.

You will not find an older forest or a newer beach. In each shell you find upon our shores, there is an old song of the sea, and a new dawn promising another day in paradise.

There is suffering and grief too. Still it is pain that allows us to appreciate the beauty of life.

Welcome to the Nusantara.

(And to my friends in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand, you already know what I mean. Peace - Ninot)


  1. I listened with interest to this song, Ninotaziz, after having read your poem. The music is very lively and sort of hypnotic to me.

    1. I am so glad you listened to the gamelan Mary.

      Hypnotism, or the state of deeper spirituality, is very much how we approach love. life. art.

  2. I am feeling your soul and will certainly be back for more... With Best Wishes Scott

    1. Thank you Scott. I am glad you enjoyed your visit here.

      And your blog is beautiful...

  3. greetings from singapore!

    thanks for sharing the music. i heard the kompang played at Malay weddings here, and the beats are really lively. :)

    your poem is brief, but is very lovely.

    1. I loved your blog, and yes, the beat of the kompang is lively. Combined with the melodic gamelan, it's, as you say, lovely indeed.

  4. Beautiful Ninotaziz. Listening to the music - it is hypnotic - I can understand how your spirit is lifted.
    Anna :o]

    1. Thank you Anna. I am glad you found it so. When I was a busy young executive, I took gamelan classes to help relieve stress.


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