dVerse Form for All : Mathematical Series

building blocks
to my life
it defines everything I do
religion, love, daughters, poetry, legends, friendship, work, play
alas, do I define everything
touched in life
blocks building


In response to Tony's challenge over at dVerse to put mathematics in poetry

Tried the Fibonaci numbers and in reverse too but not too happy - well, here it is.


  1. i like how you go from one to the other... the passion we have that make us do the things we do and how the energy swaps over and the things we've done carries the passion in them and on

    1. Thanks Claudia. That was the idea but I have to work on this a bit more I think. Some honing needs to be done.

  2. I enjoyed the poem going full circle from passion back to passion. To me this poem shows how integral passion is to a person's existence. It is both a CAUSE and an EFFECT!

  3. I like the way this goes full circle too - circular poetry that ends where it started was something I thought about bringing as a challenge but I couldn't find the poem I was looking for to illustrate it.

    I think it's probably the second half that you are less than happy with, because up to alas there's nothing to change. Perhaps, simply leaving the lower part of the poem off would help?

  4. I liked it, it reads well and has that circular feel I enjoy.

  5. Ninot Ma'am,
    Good question! Has it to be? Certainly! The inertia is invoked and the momentum persists! The passion now revolves around everything that impinged on one's life without exception! Brilliant take and brilliant thoughts!


  6. passion def fuels much of the things i choose to invest my life into...and if not passionate about it, it probably will not hold my interest, though there are tedious tasks we have to do...can we be passionate of them as well?

  7. ...you have quite enough supply of motivational drivers to push you through that burning passion to create good & inspire many in the world... and please... never stop... smiles... i enjoyed it quite a lot... thanks...

  8. Wonderful words of the effect of passion in our lives.

    Your thoughts of not being too happy; I tend to agree with Tony that leaving out the second half would be better.

    Anna :o]

  9. I love this passion is s important! Very motivating =) The new prompt will be up tomorrow my time so I hope you will stop by and check it out =)


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