Once again, I have to stay away for awhile from poetry.

Malaysia is celebrating its National Day from 31st August to 16th September and during this period I am involved in the #SaySomethingNice campaign.

This means, additional storytelling at schools and orphanages, campaign activities and uploading of a Hikayat A Day on Facebook, twitter and 
my Hikayat Blog daily.

Next week, I will be doing A Hikayat A Day event with over 1000 kids at the Sri KDU school. There will be storytelling, sketches and drawing sessions with artist Malek Rahim. 

Wish me luck!


  1. storytelling at schools and orphanages...now that is def a campaign i could get into..smiles.

    1. Dear Brian,

      The experience at the orphanage was exuberating. I hope Hikayat Kita at the school Sri KDU will be just as wonderful.

  2. Ninot, how wonderful! You are a noted personage now . How glorious it must be for you, seeing the spread of your dream - the sharing and honoring of your culture's rich legends. I love it that you will be introducing them to school children. Enjoy every wonderfully rich moment and tell us all about it when it's over!I hope your little ones will be going with you to the schools and orphanages, to share in the fun! I suspect they will be.

    1. Dear Sherry,

      I forgot to mention. Throughout the week, I featured The Merdeka Series on my radio slot Hikayat Kita with ninotaziz and it concluded with a Merdeka Eve feature which was aired immediately after the the Prime Minister's broadcasted speech for our National Day.

      On Merdeka Day, the whole series was repeated again as a Merdeka day special.

      Hikayat is getting attention.

  3. What a wonderful thing to be a part of. I love the telling of stories. When my children were little I loved reading to them from children's books and I believe they enjoyed that I did. Best wishes always.

  4. Ninot Ma'am!
    It's such a wonderful thing to be relating to those at orphanages doing what you are best at. Noble of you to spread all the goodness of the Hikayat to youngsters. It's hoped they'll pick on these to make themselves appreciate them better in future!
    To pl check out my latest posting I'm Thrilled. Thanks Ma'am!



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