The wind blows
Across the fields
The whole world sighs

The rain falls
Upon the window sill
The little girl cries

Rain, rain go away
Come again
Another day.

by ninotaziz


For the fun of it.
And because it is raining gently at dawn.


  1. Ah, wind and rain are a fact of life. I enjoyed reading this poem that you wrote 'for the fun of it.' We, as poets, should do more of that.

  2. ah if i could i would wish a smile upon her face...smiles...into each life a bit of rain must fall...

  3. You know what rain is, ninot? Liquid sunshine. :-)

    A lovely poem. So much so beautifully expressed in a few words.

  4. The first stanza reminds me of our April showers here in India.....

  5. Ninot Ma'am,
    How I love rain better than sunshine.It has that feel of cold and warmth together with little drops trickling by the cheeks. Lovely poem in so many words! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Dzahir Batin!



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