The important letter

March 2013

For a while

 tradition of letter writing and greeting cards died

My friend Yumiko used to send me lovely letters from Japan.

And my mother, sent words of love and advice

which made its way above the Atlantic

or the Pacific

Either way it made its way to me.

Ikesha recently sent a letter to her grandma

with a lovely drawing of her in the park

pink hearts on the envelope

and a single line,

Ikesha loves Tok Wan.

A beautiful letter indeed.


  1. Ninot Ma'am,
    The bane of tradition in the likes of email and skype led to the slow death of the joys of letter writing and of greeting cards. The red pillar box has but disappeared though some tenaciously held on. That is progress! Brilliant take!


  2. Your daughter is gorgeous. Yes we are gradually having all the niceties such as cards letters and post cards
    chipped away. Sad. I have an album full of cards I have received over the years.

  3. The tradition of letter writing is slowly becoming a museum relic. Those letters that hang in are often typed rather than hand written. This poem may become a lovely memory of beautiful days.

  4. Oh so sweet. I wrote to my grandma so often over the years - and her letters to me were hilarious stream of consciousness, one long sentence down the page ending strangely.......I so wish I had those letters now!

  5. The beauty of a handwritte letter is not so much in it's contents as in how it looks. the style, the images the little hearts.. (not replaced with smileys and images copy pasted ... ) and all will be lost into out clouds of google and facebook.. glad that you still receive letters

  6. that is all that need be said eh? i love getting art from kids...they have such a cool way of seeing the world....i have letters/cards /poctures from my kids in my desk drawer for when i need them...

  7. Oh, I love this picture, and I love the poem. I hope that the love of words and pictures continues to live within Ikesha. Sending mail is a definite start! May she also become a poet someday & further express herself with words. Or perhaps she may be a visual artist? Or both!!

  8. that sounds just lovely...and a few words are enough to make our heart sing...right..? smiles... beautiful pic as well

  9. How lovely that your daughter is writing letters to her grandmother ~ She is so cute too ~

  10. Yes, it s a great pity snail mail no longer happens very much - even though I am as guilty as anyone of abandoning it. I can imagine the grandmother's joy on receipt of that important letter!

  11. ...i am glad that you & your children still continue to patronize the art of writing genuine letters... technology have done enough to erase this rich art but to know a few who still believes in the power of it --- indeed, a pleasure... thank you... smiles...

  12. Going back to less digital times, sending letters is equally important as having 1300 numbers among companies. Sending letters have always been an important communication tool. :)


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