The Song of the Princess

Lambang Sari - The Song of The Princess

Hiding from mortal gaze
Swaying to the gentle breeze
Princesses at rest and play
Bewitching music of bamboo reeds

Enchanted garden, their sanctuary
A charmed life of royal proportions
Yet many trapped deep within
Yearning for her heart's desires

The peace of the land their charge
To be presented to her new liege
As bride, with accompanying entourage
With gifts and a silver box of betel leaves

Like a candle in the wind
Giving light, yet burning within

Lambang Sari, gak puteri

Terlindung dari pandangan
Indah gerak tari puteri
Bagai di dalam kayangan
Inilah lagu Lambang Sari

Damai di taman larangan
Nasi di hidang, sanggul di cucuk
Tapi apakan daya impian
Hati sayang diri berkecamuk

Nusantara berbelah bagi
Raja dan Sultan bermuafakat
Puteri ditugaskan pergi
Negeri berdamai, janji terikat

Gak Puteri membakar diri

Comme une bougie

Caché par le regard mortel
Se balançant au vent doux
Princesse au repos et à jouer
Musique comme des roseaux de bambou

Une bougie dans le vent - il est magique
Si clair, mais se brûler ... tragique

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.
A submission for One Shot Wednesday


  1. Beautiful as always. One sees them in their garden, with their dreams and longings......."like a candle in the wind"........such a lovely poem. Beautiful picture as well.

  2. Oh my, Sherry. That was fast. Thank you for your lovely encouragement, as always.

  3. that was a beautiful close to your poem...the candle in the wind burning within..wonderful verse...

    your link over at one shot is broke...will fix it for you as i would love others to read this...nice one shot.

  4. Dear Brian,
    Thank you for both your feedback and help with the link.

    I hope you know just how much your words and work encourage all of us.

  5. Very nice... Like the candle in the wind, giving light yet burning within...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect with me on Twitter at @VerseEveryDay to read one verse everyday on life, love and longing...

  6. the song of the princess - yes - i guess that is how a song of a princess should sound..

  7. thank dont know how much that bit of encouragement was what i needed today...

  8. Even princess are filled with desire for life...very nice..bkm

  9. love the candle metaphor/imagery :) it is well written :D

    My One Shot

  10. "Bewitching music of bamboo reeds" that line in itself is a poem! Thank you for sharing your work. Hope you're enjoying One SHot!

  11. I'm glad the link was fixed. I tried to read last night, but all good now. What a lovely musical poem. I don't think it's only princesses who are captives. All over the world men continue to dominate and enslave women sometimes in gilded cages and sometimes in abject slavery. To our enlightened male friends, we hope the model you set will ever change the treatment of women and children. Very beautiful poem as always. So grateful that you shared with us. Thanks, Gay (@beachanny)

  12. Ninotaziz this is so beautiful...i would love to hear someone sing it to music! :-)

  13. Loved the ending especially.

  14. Having everything, but not their freedom. You paint such beautiful images with your words. And now I'm going to find out what betel leaves are, because it sounds like they must be precious.

  15. dustus picked out my favourite always a beautiful read when coming to your blog..great one shot..cheers pete


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