Autumn, Gatineau Park

Image by my good friend, Simon Chook

Maple syrup, blueberry pancakes
Bicycle rides,racing downhill
Our laughter, in rippling wake
Picnics wherever we will

Fishing for river bass
Hooking three inch worms
Gingerly toes did test
Ice cold stream waters

Ashby my grey little kitten
Snug in my knapsack, nose cold
The crisp air had me smitten
Autumn made me bold!

We never met a bear that day
But they are there - or here?
Never run, slowly back away
We were told if bears appeared

My home for five years
And I never realised then
Brilliant red, gold and amber
The true beauty of autumn land!
Written for Thursday Think Tank over at Poets United
A lovely memory from Autumn 1987


  1. How wonderfully you describe a perfect Autumn day. I love the wistful tone of the final stanza - that made it for me.

  2. I wish I could have been there, but through your vivid and beautiful words, i can see it...truly lovely Ninotaziz! :-)

  3. A warm and wonderful autumn poem, Ninotaziz. I can taste the blueberry pancakes and mape syrup.

  4. love the "crisp air had smitten me Autumn made me bold" does if to say hurry...Winter is coming....very nice write...bkm

  5. Wonderful take on the prompt! =)


  6. I love blueberry pancakes and with I can taste them,Nice one!

  7. Beautiful - feels like fall, all the way through, touched with the freedom of childhood days. I, too, love the last stanza........well done!

  8. An astonishing fall poem starting with blueberry pancakes! Lucky you!

  9. The photograph is gorgeous, and you really catch the bittersweet of fall with the emphasis on living five years in beauty and taking it for granted - poem inspires me to treasure all around me.

  10. A charming poem and photo! This post took me fondly back to younger years spent in Eastern Canada where Fall was an event of spectacular proportions...:)

  11. This is a lovely picture your words paint.

  12. so beautiful pictures. the true charm of autumn..

  13. I love autumn and you brought it to life wonderfully here.

  14. What a fun time experiencing Autumn in the north with you. I love the imagery and now I want blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. Yum!

  15. This poem does indeed capture autumn beauties.

  16. What a journey; Love the senses you portrayed~
    Really beautiful!

  17. Lovely memories :D~ It was definitely a great trip!=P


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