World Lie Broken

Lie broken in the garden
A terraccota pot of elements
Like the many world problems
Incessant waves of disagreements

A terracota pot of elements
Made whole with glue and sand
Incessant waves of disagreements
You and I can put to an end

Made whole with glue and sand
Beautiful and useful once again
You and I can put to an end
If we put together our hearts, our hands

Do not let all turn to grainy sand...

Tempayan pecah

Tempayan pecah di legar taman
Di tengah panas, di siram hujan
Ancaman dunia, wahai teman
Bertambah kancah, bertambah bentan

Di tengah panas, disiram hujan
Sudah bersepai zaman berzaman
Bertambah kancah, bertambah bentan
Hingga di belai jiwa budiman

Sudah bersepai zaman berzaman
Marilah tampal dan betulkan
Biar dibelai jiwa budiman
Sebelum terlambat, jangan biarkan

Retak seribu jangan biarkan...

Un pot de terre

Fait tout avec du sable et de la colle
Un pot de terre cuite beau à nouveau
Nous pouvons arrêter tous les problèmes
Si nous mettons tout notre cœur, nos mains

Ne le laissez pas trop tard, mon cher
Regardez et voyez la vérité

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Adapted for One Shot Wednesday - an exciting pot-pourri of the best poetry
over at One Shot Poetry


  1. Put together our hearts and hands.. very beautifully said... Like it.
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya.

  2. Clever metaphor in this, and I enjoyed the ending.

  3. nice you have woven a truth in whil also letting us knwo the outcome if we do not heed it. nice one shot!

  4. Ninot,
    Now you are trying to make pantun in English.. a poem they called it but deep inside when I open the English version only.. I know it came from your pantun..

  5. Humble clay making useful, hopeful futures.

  6. great implications.
    it is a fun piece,
    thanks for sharing.

  7. "Do not let all turn to grainy sand..." Such a truthful line that sounds good in many ways. With hearts and hands together stand :)

  8. Each week I have such a wonderful experience with your poems. What is the second language I can't read? The English is always lush yet important, but each time the French seems best and most vivid. Love "Ne le laissez pas trop tard, mon cher
    Regardez et voyez la vérité" Look at that and see the truth. WOW. Really good. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  9. The form totally got me hooked! But moreso, your words and message! The analogy is simply superb!!

    And that last single line you added - totally hit the nail on the head...and hard too!
    Awesome work, ninotaziz
    Definition of perfection!!

  10. as always, you really put this together so well...thanks for sharing with One Shot..pete

  11. Marvelous piece of poetry...
    Regards~ Sayandeep


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