A wondrous tale

Once there was a storyteller who spun the most beautiful fairytales.

One day, a boy, not too short and not too tall came to see the storyteller and said,"I would like to live forever, Sir." And the wise storyteller replied, "I will do this for you if you help me send a message to my enemy, the Enchantress."

"She is beautiful beyond compare, but is evil and those caught in her lair stay there. Forever."
The storyteller continued,"The Enchantress wants more than anything else in this world, a wizard in the shape of a cat which stays in the black and white mansion."

"To go to the mansion, take this road until you see the moon. Enter the mansion, and you will see a lady dining with a leopard. Ignore her."
"Then you will enter a chequered room. There is a girl. And a cat. You must bow to her and say, "Good morning my lady.Tell me what your heart desires."

"The little girl will cry and tell you she wants to see her sister, the Lady of The Forest."

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.
You will have to continue the story from here onwards.
Written for The Writer's Island for the prompt "Wondrous".


  1. Ninot Ma'am,
    An intriguing offering. A welcomed change from the usual verse. Exquisite!

  2. What fun. Where shall I go next, I wonder...

  3. Humm Love the pictures here- cute words

  4. Ach! I am left hanging on a cliff-edge. Such wonderful writing. If my Muse was younger, it would leap on this with delight. As it is, I shall have to return and see what quicker minds have written:)Fantastic beginning!

  5. nino please continue this delightful tale.

  6. Indeed a wondrous tale, words and images together working their magic... I was so hoping you would continue :(

  7. Wonderful way to begin this journey through the world of wondrous. Pics and mages go well with one another, but I do so hope you intend to finish the tale. Please?


  8. That was a delight! Look forward to the ending and more posts like this one.

  9. Amazing images, wonderful writing, bringing it all alive for us. Well done, can't wait to read more of your stuff....

  10. Something about this rings familiar. Delightful take!

  11. For the boy to live forever, I am afraid all of you must spin your own tales. Happy spinning!

  12. lovely....thanks for sharing..NINOTAZIS...is a wonderful set of letters also

  13. awe-inspiring, I must say, though I have no tales to say...let the boy go through what may.

  14. Given a choice I enjoy this above any poems, the latter would normally be too complicated for my old computer to analyse. wWhat a beauty this one truly is.

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  16. Ninot Ma'am,
    This is a second comment mainly because it's announcing blogger Norzah's poem at my 'Rainbow' blog. Cheers!


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