Parallel angles
Breathe in tandem
Heartbeats racing

Escaping sigh mingle
Adrenaline rush
Moment in time

Right here waiting
Written for the PPP challenge over at One Stop Poetry


  1. Beautiful, as always - and soooo romantic! You restore my faith!(Too bad it's too late and I'm so old, hee hee!Long in the tooth, as they used to say :))

  2. Very well said... A lover's symmetry. The last line of the 1st stanza seems to rhyme with the last line of the poem the way I read it. Great flow.

  3. the poem itself felt like a snapshot -- "moment in time" great read!

  4. what a sensual one here.. :)

    Very well crafted..!!
    keep Writing My Dear.. :)

  5. Greetings!
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  6. Beautiful symmetry, flow of emotion continues.

  7. Who needs any more words... - so emotive and precise

  8. You are a true romantic Ninotaziz...this is beautiful! :-)


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