Merry Christmas, One and All

Send my heartfelt message throughout the world, Cupid...

Dearest dearest friends from Magpie Tales, Microfiction Mondays,
Poets United, One Shot Poetry, Writer's Island and all,

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
A joyous time, my new found friends
Silent Nights to cherish

Willow, my desert rescuer
The awesome Brian Miller
All giving soul - Sherry

Robert, you are the man!
Ilyanka, thank you, girl
Gentle soul sister, Carrie

Pamela in Mexico
Susan in Ireland
Arian- the one and only

Leslie, the Moondustwriter
Oh the hilarious Stafford Ray
Gay, On The Beachanny

Thom, with heart of gold
Sylvia K, friendship spinner
Fireblossom - the fiery

Elizabeth who celebrates
And Ollie, quite a good guy
This Christmas, find Mary!

And Berowne, The Bard expert
Herb Alyette, how are you?
Weasel, who is so with it!

Prayer Girl, I pray for you
Hey Brigid and Lena
And the gentle Nimaruichi

Adam Dustus, how are you?
Someone Is Special IS special
And thank you always, Pete

Pauline, Sue J and Niamh
Startrek buff, Bill
Busy Mum, Hillary

Monkey Man monkeying
G-man, for all of us
Lovely thoughts, Gautami

Jingle, surely this is
The season that embraces you
And dearest dearest Gabi

Madam Butterfly, the incredible
Hi there, man of wit - Glenn
And stay lovely, Jinsky

Helen, always there
Annell, give me a smiley!
Merry Xmas, Rikka Infinity

Ellen aka Ella, my dear
Strong willed Diane
Dear dear Mary - be happy!

The Odd Inkwell, mysterious
Tumblewords, oh! what genius
Whoa, I miss Anthony!

Begin again Suz, love your words
And darling Theresa
I love Chocolate Chips!

Stand up for Everyday Goddess
She who embraces chaos
b k mackenzie!

Let us not forget Claudia
And Sender Up Words
Just Me Kristie

Thank you Kavita
And Mr Know-It-All
From my PU group, Bill

Mary writing in the Bachs
Rene, not the rockefellas
Kathe, with snappy repartee

Viv In France, all snowy
Rel reminiscing in New York
And in Trinidad, is Bee!

All of you, Christmas is the time
For giving all, giving love
All over the world, the time to be merry?

To love - One and all!

Written for Christmas, the merriest ever! And I share one of my favorite Christmas songs...still makes me teary after all these years...


  1. What a great idea, to celebrate all these wonderful virtual friends.

  2. Thank you. Celebrating this community is a terrific idea and I loved the video. We shall feed one another on our words. Wishing you the very best,


  3. What a wonderful surprise - and an honor to find my name in here. Ninot, in the coming year, I so look forward to reading your words and sharing what our community experiences as we write and ponder and explore and grow......thank you for these warm wishes.......meeting you has been one ofthe wonderful things 2010 brought my way:)

  4. Ninot Ma'am,
    Very good idea. I'm sure one for Aidil Fitri next year is in the works!

  5. Dear Sir Hank,
    That is an idea that can surely be worked out!

  6. You are a soul sister to me and a kindred has been such a blessing to meet and get to know you through sharing our words and lives...this is such a sweet are such a wonderful encourager in the blogging community! Love and hugs to you Ninotaziz! :-)

  7. Ninotazis, what a special Christimas poem; and I am honored to find myself there too. I will try to find happiness in the new year again. I am not generally a 'down' person, but I just moved from one house to another; and my beloved is in the hospital, and I have so much to do at old house yet and new house and hospital. I have never had such a difficult time as this, but you can't keep a good woman down, so I hope to rise in 2011. Thank you again!

  8. hope that you had a lovely Christmas.

  9. Greetings! How are you?

    I invite you to become a participant at Thursday Poets Rally Week 36… you have until thisWednesday to make a minimum 18 comments among participants.

    Enter your entry here if you are ready

    Hope to see you in, Happy Monday, best wishes for the year of 2011.
    Bless you…



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