You are forgiven

Forgive me for being blind
To the existence of this lie

Forgive me for being silent
When you are crying for answers

Forgive me when I disappear
While you are wrought with anger

Forgive me for holding you close
When you are confused the most

Forgive me for drawing you in
The lair of passion within

Forgive me for not letting go
Because I love you so

This is what I hear when you do not speak
What I read that can’t escape your sweet lips

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for the Thursday Think Tank over at Poets United.
Not exactly what you were looking for, but what came to mind.


  1. I like your take on this. Reading unspoken requests for forgiveness from silent lips.

  2. you know this hits a lot closer to home than you might think...

  3. Oh yes, Brian, I do know. Those in ultra special relationships would know exactly what I mean here...

  4. Dear Dani,
    It is so dificcult, reading lips, reading minds. But with time, it becomes easier.

  5. Ninot Ma'am, Forgive my saying so, upon reading, mind and matter stood still and one feels young again!

  6. Dear Sir Hank,
    If my words can do what sometimes even the best doctors fail at, I am happy!

  7. Exquisite and I will say I do agree with Brian

  8. Yes, the ladies all know there is no escaping my sweet lips. (LOL!) Nice take on forgiveness!

  9. love it absolutely, it speaks to me.

    outstanding job!

  10. nino, what a beautiful poem.

  11. Ninotaziz,
    I really liked your expression of forgiveness, written within your poem.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  12. Very nice...when love is involved we can overlook and forgive so much...bkm

  13. Beautiful sentiment, with thought provoking content~ Great Job!


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