The first sign of snow, 1983

The air - crisp and biting
Snowflakes on the way to school
White blanket pavement

"Nino, are you sure this is
Your first snowball fight ever!"
Laughter, hits, misses - cheers

Blueberry pancake, maple syrup
A frozen tree in the backyard
Blizzard and snow, three feet deep

Trip to Buffalo, Christmas gifts
Running around red traffic lights
Studying together til midnight

The magnificent Niagara Falls
Frozen, crashing deep below
Maid of the Mist magic

Above all, open arms in friendship
I dedicate this Magpie Tale to my Canadian friends of Thorold Secondary School
Chris McInnis, twins Debbie & Barb, Mike Honcoop, Larry, my bio lab partner, Sam and many many others.


  1. Dear Ninot Ma'am,
    It rekindled back memories. Not of snows but of Canada itself - Buffalo, N'gra Falls ( donned the yellow raincoats and went behind the cascading waters)

    Merits a posting later supported with my scanned coloured slides ( have to rummage through my collections first )

    The poem is fantastic! Choice of words beyond me!

  2. I remembered my first snow, also in 1983.. a Pau, Sud France.. My landlord say that the first time he experienced snow in Pau.. for as long as he can remember.. He was 70 + then. Some coincidence.. non?!

  3. That picture of a sled does bring back memories!
    New Snow

  4. I really get a great feeling from this poem..lovely!

  5. Wonderful tribute to your wintry school days.

  6. Enjoyed your picture of times past. I've only been to Canada once, but I've met many Canadians, all of whom have also carried that gift for friendship. must be something in the water. ;_)

  7. Such a beautiful and fun memory....i feel like i got to visit that moment with you in your lovely words Ninotaziz...a truly wonderful winter memory! :-)

  8. Your Magpie is full of wonderful visual images and descriptive words ..........

  9. I felt the wonder of it all
    I don't remember snow the first time...:(

  10. I just recalled! My first snow must have been in July 1966 in Tasmania Australia. Well, I can't remember it...

  11. Great fun in the snow! Lovely memorable post.


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