Sara in the Attic

Magpie Tale # 24

Sara waits, and waits and waits
Wanting more, and more and more
Gets less, and less and less
Until nothing is left anymore

The unmade bed
captured her scent
Words she meant

The sunlight
hung in the room
Left to doom

The windows
shut in haste
A closed phase

The blue
of her eyes
Turned to ice

The grey
in her heart
Turned to death

This is a Magpie Tale. Weekly host Willow continues to draw poets from around the world to her wonderful poets' sanctuary. Here, we share another chapter from Sara's life.


  1. yow- so many of us saw desolation in this room. Well done.

  2. Your first para is beautiful... I felt easy singing that.:)

  3. WOW! So much pain can only be beautiful. :)

  4. So true - except for RA [lucky you], everyone was affected by the grey,colourless world.

    And I really thought at first I should have left out the first para - now I am glad I didn't!

    Thank you for dropping by!

  5. Such a painful, yet beautiful poem. You have captured the experience of pain and loss of hope in this poem. Beautiful would also make an awesome song. :-)

  6. I feel for Sara ... sadness surrounds her today! Nice writing!

  7. nice piece, but I hope she did not die...that would be too sad..bkm

  8. That's some good progressive verse, well done :)

  9. Creative look at the prompt. Sad but strong post!

  10. Such sadness and pain captured in simply beautiful verse. I could never say so much with so little. Wonderfully done.

  11. Interesting that the word verification was "lyrical"

  12. Dear Gabi, Carrie, Helen, Connie & T&L
    Don't we all love sad stories? Though I can't see it as a song, Carrie.
    Sara has become my Ambassador of anguish. Great to see you here again.

  13. Dear bkm, thanks! There are many forms of death.

  14. Arian, really love your work. Love seeing you here.

  15. Dear Eric,
    Some of us write prose, and some write poetry. I love both but find both difficult and have to work at it.

    Thank you!

  16. So sad and painful I felt the pain.These were my favourite lines....'The sunlight
    hung in the room
    Left to doom.' Very powerful


  17. Thanks Christine for dropping by.

    Loved you magpie too!

  18. Conveys the pain so well.. wonderful poem ninotaziz


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