Magpie #23

Aster looked to the stars.

The wide universal sky was the bluest of blues tonight.

How beautiful, she thought. Earth used to be like that. A very long time ago, Yuri Gagarin said the world was a perfect blue and white marble in space.

Aster was a foundling. She arrived in a bubble - a perfect baby in a crib with star chimes. When she was little, the chimes above her crib would suddenly tinkle and turn. After great debate, Aster was adopted by the City Creche where all the Children were raised by the City Council. She amazed her teacher in class one day when she wrote a poem on the grayboard, the chalk spewed white words across the smooth asphalt surface seemingly on its own. Then it drew flowers and fairies. That was when her teacher knew it was Aster channeling the chalk. No other child knew what flowers and fairies were...

Outside her class, the walls were gray, the city was gray, the world beyond the City was gray. Even the overpopulated beaches were gray. The air was still, and the gray smoke from Factories in the distance slowly disappeared into the gray air. Gray was the colour of the world’s death...

During the day, the sky was gray, but in the evening, the sky turned crimson, then darkened to a lovely deep blue expanse in the night.

Aster was a channeler. That meant she could draw pure energy from deep inside her to move things a great distance. The catch? There was no catch except at the end of her task, she suffered from great exhaustion. The greater the task, the more she suffered, and took longer to recover. Lately, she even bled from her efforts. Aster knew no one else like her. No one knew anyone quite like Aster.

And today, the City Councilors had ordered Aster to channel the elements that make the world gray into space. Fire. Toxic. Acid. Aster would love to see the world beautiful again. As she alone remembered it.

Even if she would have to die for it.

This is a Magpie Tale. Weekly host Willow continues to draw poets from around the world to her wonderful poets' sanctuary.


  1. oh my how shocking was that...;)!!
    will she though?

  2. Dear Suz,

    I don't know. After your lovely funny magpie, I feel terrible for creating Aster.

    But she just came out of no where...

  3. Hey Ninotaziz, ive nominated you for the pink awards.. id be happy if you accepted it.. thanks :)

  4. What a wonderfully unique interpretation of Willow's photo!!!

  5. Dear Ilakya of rhythmofmysoul,
    Thank you Ilakya. I am touched beyond words and check out my next post for my acceptance!

    Thank you again!

    Dear Helen,
    I think this was a bit extreme...But I do feel deeply about keeping the world safe and 'green'.Thank you Helen for always being there for all of us.

  6. OMG !! it blew me off. I had not heard of channeling before. You drew the picture very beautifully. Very unique magpie. Loved it :-)

  7. This story Aster is beautifully written and captivating! Such a wonderful Magpie! :-)

  8. Ninotaziz...oh my don't worry about anything..your magpie is wonderful..I was bothered that mine seemed superficial! Somehow in my head writing funny things(which I can do very easily sometimes) is not as worthy as writing to the edge of something...
    ...and yet it didn't stop either of us from posting what wanted out....I made you laugh and you made me be filled with wonder

  9. I love this! Especially channeling the chalk to create beauty. Yow! Nice Magpie

  10. A lot of mythical symbols in this piece...Nice the imagination...bkm

  11. This reminds me a great deal of The Giver, by Lois Lowry. Great Magpie, it is incredibly enchanting.

  12. Magnifique, love your attempt relating the calamity that will be faced by the world ravaged by greeds...

  13. Dear Blue Mist, Carrie and kathew - I am glad you loved it. Isn't channeling cool? I bet, if humans could channel, poets will be the first to do so...

  14. Dearest bkm, And I love chaos too! Thanks you again!

  15. Dear Brenda,
    I must check out The Giver and Lois Lowry. I am a big fan of science fiction mainly Frank Herbert, Tanith Lee, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Feist and more...

    Thanks for being here.

  16. Cher Wan Sharif,

    Comme c'est vrai. Et les conseillers continuent à être égoïste aussi.

    J'aime Aster et ce qu'elle représente ... ma famille compris mon amour pour la préservation de l'environnement.Même le petit Ikesha!

    Merci beaucoup pour visitez!

  17. What a lovely, mystical read!

  18. Yes, mystical indeed. But very well done, Ninoaziz!

  19. I loved the idea, I loved every word written. And I love your magic. :)

  20. I really enjoyed the futuristic/mythical feel to this Magpie. Aster is a great creation!

  21. awesome! I totally think you should work this out more, maybe into a short, or even into the makings of a concept.

  22. Mystical and magical piece - the imagery is stellar and the topic contemporary. Channeling is a fascinating talent. Love the story!

  23. fanciful tale with a ring of truth as we paint our world grey...

  24. Poignant and beautifully written. But if she sends the gray away, will the blue be able to return?

  25. Thank you Willow - What a wonderful place to be...

    Dear Catalyst... just love the mystical. Thank you again!

    RA, that was so lovely and encouraging. Don't stop! And I will not stop...

    Thanks Lena, and Aster is very glad you dropped by...

    Dear Patience, maybe I will co-write with my daughter for Nanowrimo come November!

    And I love your comment, dear Tumblewords!

    Dear Brian Miller ,

    Thank you. I hope you got my email on the Pink Awards...I love the way you write...

    I hope so, ~T~
    If not, it would have been in vain...

  26. what heartfelt tale,
    the connection between the character and the sky is fantastic.


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