The Witching Hour

Darkness has settled down
Deep in the night
Skewed perceptions abound

Sleep comes upon us
But not for shamans
Witches, demons, ghouls

And yet in the city
Far into morning
Lights keep skies lit

Benign and diabolical
Creatures find alleys
Invisible to mortal muggles

The witching hour
Comes for you
Fans of Harry Potter!

Written for Magpie Tales to commemorate the latest movie of the Harry Potter series which just premiered this week!


  1. Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
    It's creepy. It's a realistic portrayal of the city's dark alleys. Great! ( I've yet to post my magpie. In midst of doing it now)

  2. This grandmother is quite the fan ... of Mr. Potter and your Magpie.

  3. I know all about the witching hour - it casts it's wide awake spell on me all too often! LOL :)

  4. Harryn Potter in the last line was a bit surprising - but maybe that's because I never read any of him. But very interesting poem.

  5. Oh this is so wonderful. "Invisible to mortal muggles".......great one, Nino!

  6. Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
    You do like the Picasso's, I did too. But after creating 2 Blog lists there both Picassos made things cluttered.
    Now just a minute. Wonderful Pakcik had started a positive 'revolution' before and I'm having fun. We may be on to something, now that you've mentioned it.
    You touched on something dear to me. I used to toy around with paint and brush before especially 'still life' and portraits. But I left it a long time ago. But maybe, just maybe, I might take it up again. Why not? Yes, and like everything else it needs practise.
    I'll think of something and do a pastel still life for you. Before Dec 31st shall we say as I need to get the 'lost touch' back, starting out.

  7. All this talk of witches, goblins and ghouls and then comes Harry Potter - brilliant especially as I can now hear Maggie Smith saying 'Harry Potter'!

    Doc you're missing a treat!

  8. I'm a Harry Potter fan, and enjoyed his unexpected appearance here!

  9. WOW!!!! Super awesome!!! I watched Harry Potter 7 yesterday, and now reading this poem brought back some real fresh memories from the movie!!
    An excellent and relevant write, Nino!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
    A muggle I may be, but with the brain of a ... (shhh) ;-)

  10. Ooh, young Harry has crossed into a Magpie Tale. How did he do that?

  11. On a broomstick whilst playing Quidditch Martin! What a silly question....sighs...............

  12. I love this Ninotaziz....i was wondering where you were headed with it....very captivating and i love Harry Potter! :-)


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