My grandmother

My grandmother is no longer here
But her smile is in my heart
She is in a beautiful garden
A place of serenity - no more pain

And I am having tea from her teapot...

Ma grand-mère

Ma grand-mère n'est pas là
Mais son sourire est dans mon coeur
Je suis content - Elle est dans un jardin
Un lieu de calme et de pas plus de douleur

Et je faire le thé dans sa théière ...


An Ode To My Grandmother - a celebration of her life can be found here. As well as my quiet reflection in the garden.


  1. Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
    Simple and sweet, beautiful writing!

  2. Beautiful, Nino........her smile in your heart (where it will stay), peacefulness and a cup of tea from her teapot, remembering all the cups of tea you shared together with that wise and special woman.Blessings.

  3. This is a beautiful, beautiful poem of remembrance. And how touching that you now use her teapot!

  4. this is a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. i recently lost someone dear to me also, and writing is what is saving me currently. sending you love and good thoughts!



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