The Icarus Quandary

All my life, I play hard, write poetry with passion, love deeply. And since I was a young child I wanted to be three things – a writer, a better writer, a best-selling writer

Words - a trailblazer
Going out on a limb
Flying high

For a while, I forgot my dream. In the quest for the ordinary life, I forgot my burning desire to write, the poet and writer buried deep within a place dreams did not visit, hopes did not sing

Lost, I fell
From paradise at the tip
Of a pen

Then sparkling moments, the birth of my firstborn, finding my muse - the love of my life, me – embracing life as never before, moment upon moment leading me to this point in time

The writer within
Grasp your destiny

In the blanket of the bluest of nights, despair engulfs me, I know within me lies a poet of fierce nationalistic pride. Yet my country lies sleeping, unaware of the beauty of our land, our history, our people, our legends, our forest and skies. Sees only glimmering towers, eco-tours and jungle treks without understanding the turtle’s song of regret upon the waves of the ocean or the story of Onangkiu of Kota Gelanggi.

Tears like
Pearls escaping from
The broken necklace

I press on… for in this quest, my children’s children will continue the dream of the pomegranate – a story within each translucent seed of awareness.

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for the Writer's Island prompt, Quandary and for One Shot Wednesday
I also submit this to JinglePoetry's Potluck and the MagpieTales this week because this poem deals with my strong emotional attachment to writing - a lifelong relationship.

Catch more reasons Why I write Poetry over at my main blog, ninotaziz !


  1. This is the most fantastic post, full of fire and passion....and regret. I think it is my favorite of yours. I LOVE the form. Is it Haibun? BEAUTIFUL poetical bits interjected amidst the prose. It works splendidly. I love your topic, the eco-tours and glitter bypassing the rich cultural heritage of centuries - such a glory of stories to be told. (Thankfully you are here to tell them). Beautiful, Nino. Just wonderful. "A story within each translucent seed of awareness". Wow.

  2. I'm practically speechless.

    You have quite a gift.

    Undeniably fabulous. Every line.

  3. great illustration of passion. keep on writing. wonderful job!

  4. You are a writer with great gifts. I enjoyed this poem and marvel at its ability to encompass a world of its own.

    Thank you.

    My poem, if you're interested:

  5. lovely demonstration of love,
    thanks for sharing with potluck.
    welcome back any time.

  6. Wonderful poem, full of dreams and longing and hope.

  7. A beautiful write - it's got a little of everything in it, emotion-wise. I like the form, too - the haibun, prose leading to haiku... And I totally loved this haiku:

    Lost, I fell
    From paradise at the tip
    Of a pen

  8. It's a grand write and admittedly I'm a sucker for mythological references, it translated well into the flow of the worlds.

  9. I too was intrigued with the mythological references. Glad you decided to start writing again.


  10. Lost, I fell
    From paradise at the tip
    Of a pen - I love this! I feel like I've lived this...thank you for these words!

  11. I can feel your yearning and love of mythology - thank you for sharing

  12. Dear Sherry,
    I am glad you enjoyed this. This was a heart-felt post indeed.

  13. Dear Goddess,
    Thanks for your words of support, Elise. Really made my day!

    Hi IndustrialArts -I will! I can't help it!

    And NotaTameLion, you are a writer with a pen on the wild side! Wicked what you did with Zygote! So many posibilities!

    Dear Jingle, I will certainly try.

  14. Love the chaning form you have used here. As for the poetry... truly creative powerful images drawing on the depths of our struggles as writers and poets, those feelings deep within our beings.

  15. Dear NinoTaziz

    A great story of life.. and then the love of country.. I enjoyed it so much.. the burning desire of the innerself to wake up and manifest itself upon the world... of peers and readers... Wish you best of luck...
    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  16. well penned nino!

  17. Pomegranates are tart, tangy and full of juicy seeds. The moist sweetness lies beneath a tough, dry skin. They are very intricate and complex. You say a lot here, just like a pomegranate.

  18. thanks for linking up with potluck.

    award/treats for you. smiles.

  19. Ninot Ma'am, Being passionate and with the passion for it must have been fulfilling. You experienced it, you accomplished it and you shared it with us. It is such a moving account that we are prompted to read it many many times. That was great!.

  20. Nino,
    I thought I commented here before on this lovely
    haibun. I am speechless.

  21. "from paradise at the tip of a pen"....the passion in this piece is breathtaking! I feel it and understand it....and i love this Ninotaziz!!

  22. Enjoyed the pensive thoughts and inspiring use of the pomegranate!

  23. I rarely find a piece so truthful talking about the process and politics of writing. this is one of a kind.

  24. honest and pure writing here...and I adore that in this poem, never stop the dream ....bkm

  25. Dear Jingle , Nessa and gospelwriter
    Thank you for being here. Yes, Gospelwriter and Suzicate

    Lost, I fell
    From paradise at the tip
    Of a pen

    is my favourite part too!

    Dear abthomas and poemblaze,
    The world would be very boring indeed without past mythology!

    Dear Marousia,
    Glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Dear Petrina,
    Thank you for dropping by! I loved your poetry too!

    Thanks Shashi,
    We writers are linked together by this quest.
    Thanks for being here.

    Thanks Fiveloaf!

    Dear Eric,
    I know what you mean about pomegranates - I love them also because they are featured in old Malay legends a lot. So it's a privilege to being compared to the intricate pomegranate!

  26. Dear Sir Hanks,
    Oh it ius fulfilling - which you now must know how exhilarating it is. Better still here at poet blogsphere, we are surrounded by those of the same passion and interest.

    Dearest Pamela,
    I take it you loved it? Thanks dear!

    I know Carrie - I love "from paradise at the tip of a pen"....this was a heart-felt piece!

    Thank you, Tumblewords for introducing this form to us...I love variations of this structure.

    Dearest bkm ,
    Thanks bkm. You are the most honest writer we often see, open about what you feel in your writing. Thank you for sharing too!

  27. Dear Arian,

    Ahhh, you saw my thinly veiled frustration. Well, thank God I have very understanding publishers whom I can fall back on and who are there for me everytime I feel let down by the mechanics of power whatever that may be...

    But I will continue to write...and promote the legends of my land!

  28. Lost, I fell
    From paradise at the tip
    Of a pen

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  29. Wowww!!!!! This was done in style, Nino!!! I don't think I have ever read a poem as fierce and original as this one!

    LOVE the flow.. and absolutely dig the structure!!!
    Kudos, my friend..

  30. Very nice. This last line is especially wonderful.

  31. I always fall into paradise when writing :) Lovely!


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