Thank you

Thank you for hope
That which turns the storm
Into silver lining

Thank you for belief
That keeps one anchored
In our journey

Thank you for faith
That allows one to pray
In the darkest hour

Thank you for peace
In which the new born babe
Grows strong and free

Thank you for love
That lifts one up high
Even when all alone

One is never lonely...

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for Thursday Think Tank over at Poets United and posted as well for Writer's Island prompt : Gratitude


  1. Ah.. you always come up with beautiful words/poem...
    you must be busy now holidays..

  2. Ninot Ma'am,
    Can't imagine choice of words can result in such refined combinations - such versatility, such brilliance!

  3. Dear Ayoh Wang,

    I am organising a Malaysia Day event tomorrow, featuring AkashA , a superb Malaysian band, a family carnival next week, a Xmas party featuring 80s music the week after, a Xmas party for the kids and an Egyptian Ball for New Year's Eve! So yes, I guess you can call me busy...

    Plus, Iman is having her SPM - needs some lovey dovey and attention and sister getting engaged!

  4. Amen!

    sounds like you are really a busy one :)

    Was your dad from Uruguay?

    have a lovely weekend :)

    cheers from Uruguay

  5. Oh Nino, such beauty and wisdom in your words. And I have those very same rocks with the very same words on them! I also love giving them people who need to hold a little hope or belief in their hands:) Beautiful poem this snowy morning. And it sounds like your house is going to be having a LOT of fun in the coming weeks. Wonderful! I hope we get reports!

  6. Dear Sir Hanks,
    You are too kind. Thank you.

    Dear Gabi,
    NO, Dad wasn't from Uruguay, but he loved the Uruguay football team and always reminded me that they won the first ever World Cup! I guess like poetry, football also makes the world a big friendly place!

    Dear Sherry,
    wow! Those rocks would be a lovely gift indeed for those in need. And yes, we will be having fun yje next few weeks but the events I mentioned above are events I am organising for work!

  7. This is just a wonderful post, Nino...full of love and thankfulness...and the photograph to accompany it is stunning! So glad I stopped by...:)

  8. A lovely poem, full of hope and beauty.

  9. Good thoughts, well expressed.

  10. Wonderful...I enjoyed every bit of it!


  11. Solid, appreciative thoughts of those intangibles that keep us all going in this journey. Wonderful write.

  12. Thank you for this - a handful of gratitude... :)

  13. that absoluetly beautiful. well written

  14. I love every line of this Ninotaziz! Inspiring and so true! :-)


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