The World's Rainbow

The Iris of the world
Piercing violet
Trembling in winter

Deep sky indigo
Endless infinite
Winter nights

Brilliant in spring
Blue horizons
Above shimmering seas

Awakening summer
Slumbering forest
Cool green glades

Sun-streak land
Awashed in yellow
Stretched out desert

Autumn settles
Amber brown gold
Layered earth rest

Sunset at dusk
Reddish skies
Time to sleep again

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for Thursday Think Tank
At Poets United hosted by Robert Lloyd


  1. Lovely, colourful piece of writing, and a beautiful image.

  2. A journey through colour - nice!

  3. Beautiful;Seasonal color awash with the light of day n' dark of night...really lovely~ Great job!

  4. Incredibly beautiful!!!!!!!! Loved every word, very visual.

  5. ninotaziz,
    a lovely journey through the day and seasons, with your colourful words.
    A pleasure to read..

    Best wishes, Eileen


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