Les bourgeois de Calais

Calais, beautiful French Port
Fell during the War of 100 Years'
If not for Philippa of Hainault
The city had to greatly suffer

All were doomed, unless
Six nobles were willing to die
And accept the English conquest
The burghers heroic self-sacrifice

Queen Phillipa's intervention
She begged Edward III for mercy
For fear of bad omen
Towards her pregnancy

The Queen's tears for her unborn child
Saved the burghers of Calais

Les bourgeois de Calais

Calais, port français tres beau
Défait pendant de 100 ans la guerre
Si ce n'est pas pour
Philippa La Reine Anglais

La ville a dû beaucoup souffrir
Tous ont été condamnés, mourir
Mais six nobles étaient prêts
Sacrifice ils vie, et accepter la conquête

Les bourgeois héroïque
Queen Phillipa dites
Edward, sil vous plait
Non! Pour notre bebe

Les larmes de la Reine pour son enfant à naître
Pour les vie les bourgeois de Calais

Mots par ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.


  1. It is difficult enough for me to comment on the English version.. I am lost to tes Francaise.. not being expose to poem least of all French poem.. deep inside I wish you all the best..

  2. I love the bits of history you present in your poetry!

  3. did not know this - again I learn something today...thank you...bkm

  4. Your poems have such interesting history and legends..........I love reading your work!

  5. I love historical poems but to read in English and Français ...très bon!


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