Breaking Free

It was pure darkness - pitch black
Charcoal and ink pressing down
On my shoulders, back and neck
The air was hot hot hot all around

I touched, wondered, pushed at the wall
That seemingly had no end
Is this a passageway, a room, a hall?
I came to curves, bumps and a bend

Suddenly, after hours to eternity
A light shined through a window pane
In light, I was blinded - I could not see!
I forgot in the dark I was blind until then

I ran, I fell, I stood up straight again
Then I backed away from envisioned escape
The world outside seemed strange
The world outside seemed grey

I sat awhile to ponder and think
A whiff of memory of the old kingdom
brushed the cool air - whimsical whim
I neighed and embraced my freedom

I ran to the open fields...

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

This is a Magpie Tale - a mysterious and magical place
Strangers become fast friends truly embraced


  1. nice write how you took this theme and gave clarity to freedom..coming our of the darkness..bkm

  2. You noticed the stable door - and ran with it! :)

  3. Loved it that you laughed and ran for the open fields! Beautiful.

  4. This is a lovely poem. I enjoyed the ending, which delighted and surprised me, as I had no idea until then that the poem was about a .....

  5. First, I thought it was the Chilean miners coming into the light....but I love horses too. Great poem, evocative.........

  6. "I neighed and embraced my freedom." Well written.

  7. Oh free
    great take on this prompt

  8. So very apropos this week with the miners being rescued. Wonderful.

  9. freedoms birth!
    and I shall call my pony Freedom!

  10. This reminds me of a song I loved as a child. I can hum it now but for the life of me I can't remember that last time I thought of it, as a result, I can't remember the name. Wildfire just popped into my mind. I wonder if that was it?

  11. Born free
    As free as the wind blows...
    As free as the grass grows,
    Born free to follow your heart.

    Is that it Kristen?

  12. What a lovely name for a pony, Rene!

  13. This really made me tingle, I love horses, this was wonderful!

  14. Dear Sherry and Willow,
    Yes...the bizarre thing is that while I was writing the first three stanzas, I was thinking of the miners. Then as I wrote the first line of the fourth stanza, I thought of a little foal...and hence the outcome of this poem.

    Well, the poem takes you where it wants to take you!

  15. Purely magical..the heart of a hero..very original...

  16. ah- it was a stable door? All this time I thought otherwise. Nice write!

  17. run free wild horses...smiles. nice magpie!

  18. I just love horses...they have such a beautiful grace and spirit of freedom about them...this is a lovley poem for the prompt...truly amazing Ninotaziz! :-)

  19. A wonderful post. I can c the horse finally running free. Never thought of it as a stable door.

    I'm so focused on trying 2 get Bliss & Jill out of their predicament that I c everything thu their eyes.

  20. I loved each and every line..

    --Someone Is Special--

  21. Dear Ms Ninotaziz,
    It is beautiful, simple, mysterious and brief.


  22. run away with a horse,
    love the idea.

  23. lovely take on the prompt! The image of the horse running free made me smile--great writing!

  24. Nice write, the end with the image of the horse, smiles, freedom running the fields.

  25. Interesting and evocative style of writing, when I looked at the magpie prompt I actually thought of a horse stables and freedom,,,,, glad I did not do mine on that theme for this is exquisite love the poem.



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