Trevor in Siena

Trevor in Siena

My friend is traveling
Back in time, he is lost 
within Siena's bluest skies

I think he is walking
on streets of old Siena
admiring old frescoes

I imagine him listening
to the classical music he loves
as centuries disappear

He is drinking 
in the sights of ancient Rome
I hope he remembers

To come home...


  1. What a SPECTACULAR photo that is. Wow. Back in time for certain........lovely to look upon this morning, Ninot.

  2. Dear Sherry, I was sure you would love that gorgeous sky, Sherry! Cheers!

  3. Ninot Ma'am,
    Someone dear, dearly missed when they are far away. We suppose they have their own things to do. Good reminder for them to think of home once a while even though they're not that ready to come back yet! Nicely crafted, Ma'am!


    1. I love it when friends post about their travels. When they visit places steeped in history, it gives me a chance to study the place a little bit. In return, I post a little poem for them!


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