Adventure, life, heart


The pebbled road is the easiest
As you enjoy the picturesque
scenery that unfolds

It does not really touch you

But the journey of life
That runs its course in our very homes
is the longest -  most painful of all

It does not really cut you

And yet the scars remain forever
entrenched in our hearts, the words that
sears deep within, unretractable

It does not really leave you - ever

These three roads
lessons from our adventures, life, heart
shape our true north

A rock - unshakeable

Mon nord vrai

Ces trois routes
Leçons de notre aventure, la vie, le cœur
Façonner notre nord vrai

Une pierre - immobile

For Thursday Think Tank


  1. is the journey in our own homes that leaves the greatest scar most often...i like the solidarity in the end in the image of the rock...

    1. Dear Brian,
      The rock epresents the true north - usually our strongest convictions.

  2. What fantastic writing!!!! The longest, hardest journey IS within our the ending - that they shape our true north. Wonderful poem!!!!!

    1. Darling Sherry,
      Thank you! I loved your True North!

  3. Ninot Ma'am,
    The journey in our own home, the trials and tribulations in ensuring it to be perfect is the hardest. Truly said Ma'am!


    1. Yes, Sir Hank. Year by year, my greatest joys and sorrows arise from home.

  4. Hi sweetie
    an old truth but your words cause one to ponder yet again about the journey set before us
    Yes I am still over at Moondustwriter - off more than on
    after OSP ceased I lost my inclination to write on-line (as much)
    I still very much love and appreciate the wonderful community of talented and inspirational writers --- like you that I have been honored to meet
    gr8 to see your work!!!

    1. Dear Leslie,
      Good to see you here. Always thinking of you as such a motivator to all of us. People like you and Brian (and many more!) make the internet a believable and livable place for poets and writers.

  5. Wonderful view...I love the thoughts, your imagery...
    I have to read it again ;D


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