Onangkiu's blue moon

Onangkiu, the ancient princess of Gellangui called to her father
Her mother, her ancestors - all was lost. Beloved country razed to the ground
Anguish seeped deep into the motherland

Ancient eyes
Looking to the skies
Chilled bones die

Strength from within grew stronger as the blue moon appeared. Moon spiced
thrill ran up and down her spine, giving the chills. Her awakening was a wonder
to behold in the brilliant spotlight under the stars, amidst ancient forest

Starry eyes
Cold splendour at night
Blue moon sighs

Her ceremonial coming of age rites gave her the luminous spark of life
She turned away from the sun forever and embraced the night. The princess
became the prophetess, the queen of the new ages
Lovers' eyes
Stars at sea guides
her journey
They went to her for news, for life, for medicine. They came for hope
She held out her hand, come my people - do not despair, I shall live
So, she lived by the light of the blue moon, in a new land - Queen!

Copyright 2012 (c) ninotaziz



  1. Onangkiu is a legendary princess from the Malay Annals written about 500 years ago. Thank you for reading.

  2. Very nice variation and narrative for blue moon prompt. Thank you for sharing. Appreciate your recent visit to mine.

  3. Dear Becca,

    Glad you liked this. I really enjoyed your tribute to Neil Armstrong.

  4. WOW Ninotaziz ... what a wonderful haibun you have shared here with Tackle It Tuesday. Quite nice haiku ... lovely story too.


    1. Hi Kristjaan - I love the haibun format - a combination of prose and poetry is really what I do generally in my writing. Thank you for such a timely and lovely prompt.

  5. I loved the weaving of the Moon princess story with such beautifully written haiku...One issue: the font seems small and a bit hard to read the haiku in particular...yet I persevered for the silken words..

    1. Sorry about the font size, Joanne. I have amended it ao that it 'is all better to see with' - I am so glad you liked it.

  6. Nice set of haiku....enjoyed reading it :)


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