The mermaid

microfiction #37

The mermaid loved, the mermaid died
For a timeless fairytale, she was sacrificed...
Microfiction means the shortest of short stories. Think Aesop's fables, comic strips, or even jokes: complete stories that can be told in under a minute. For this game, the limit is a tweetable 140 characters or fewer. Hosted weekly by Suz


  1. Quite a haunting and challenging response to the image! A great write!

  2. Dear GT,

    You are the first to post a comment for my first ever microfiction! Thank you for making my day.

    I was born in Tasmania...and long to go and visit one day.

    Thank you again.

  3. Oh, the eternal sadness of mermaids - beautifully captured here.

  4. Marvelous, a sad, but lovely take on the pic of the day. Welcome to Microfiction! Glad you've come to join the fun! Have a great week!


  5. Mermaids plight is never an easy journey.
    I really like this haunting tale.

  6. PS
    I have not been here before, love new blogs.
    Hope you'll stay with us fo a long time!
    I am # 5 follower.

  7. Haunting and beautiful microfiction. I really enjoyed this one.

    If you fancy another microfiction challenge, visit my blog on wednesday!

    Have a great week.

  8. Oooh, lovely. You've got me wondering if such an immortality is worth the price of death -- maybe it is.

    'Loved' and 'died' always go well together in a fairy tale, it seems!

  9. Welcome to MFM! And what a great start! Poignant, yet pithy!

  10. Dear Jabblog, who reminds me of Jabberwocky tales, Sylvia,Peggy and SouthLakesMom - thank you for the wonderful welcome and encouragement!

    Dear Ellie, I will try my best! Can't believe I am writing poetry again after such a long hiatus...

    And dear Suz, Thank you for dropping by at my magpie. It's lovely, this enclave of writers at the edge of the big ocean, saying hello to each other!

  11. P/S Peggy,

    Thank you for being follower no 5. I loved your hostess on deck!

  12. Very sad, but beautiful. Welcome to MFM!

  13. I guess the Movie Splash didn't fill Us in on what a Mermaids Life really entails. Welcome to Susan's Microfiction Monday, you did well.

  14. Thank you Janel and Bil. I will definitely continue with MFM, it is so much fun!

  15. Great job for your first post--sad and haunting. And when I was a little girl I thought it would be so cool to be a mermaid! Well done.

  16. Love your poem. Captures the picture really well.


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