The cat and the fiddle

On the rooftops
Dreams soar
Across time
Through unknown doors

I see a cat
In a forgotten town
Why is he sad
Why does he frown

My hand reaches out
In it, a fiddle
Do not doubt
Fantasy's miracle

My cat smiles
He dances a tune
After a while
He sings to the moon...

ninot, 10th august 1991

Among my earliest recollections, the Cat and The Fiddle Arcade, Hobart, Tasmania. I remember a fountain nearby though...


  1. Interesting memory brought to the surface here...

  2. my goodness,

    you are very keen and kind,
    i love cat,
    it is sad to see it frown in a forgotten town...

    Glad to see your cat dance in tune and sings to the moon...

    stunning poem!
    love the beautiful spirits of yours.

  3. very cheerful... helps my drudgy mood. thanks for the poem and lighting my day just a little.

  4. This is a very happy poem. I've been in Hobart (love it there), but am not familiar with the Cat and the Fiddle Arcade.

  5. I smile at the cat singing to the moon - and I love your moon and the fiddle-cat in the accompanying picture. Wonderful! A nice note of whimsy on a Sunday morning:)

  6. Glad the cat could get his mood up. Music can some wonderful things. Excellent post!

    -Weasel =)

  7. This is lovely, made me smile. :-)

  8. A very sweet piece! I really enjoyed it.

  9. Nice take on the Cat and the Fiddle...images of fancy and dancing cats...bkm

  10. Ninotaziz your sweet and charming poem makes me smile. I love it! :-)


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