Dedicated to my daughter, Inas, who just turned twenty

the many roads that you choose to take
will lead you to the unknown
and what such excitement awaits
discovering little treasures of your own

do not stop to talk to strangers
yet do remember to make new friends
do not pick the wild red roses
but linger over delicate white's scent

dreams pass us by like clouds that drift
while you build your treehouse on sturdiest boughs
and in this way, your life will be lived
hopes and hard work and love... for now

hopes and hard work and love... for now


For magpietales

Ever since Inas was ten, she decided she wanted to become an architect to 'build a treehouse hotel'. She is in second year university doing architecture and I miss her.


  1. How eventually the coming of age opens up a whole new world! Beautiful write Ninot Ma;am!


  2. Hopes and hard work and love - good for us all.

  3. A great advice to a young person... I hope she will build a treehouse.

  4. What a blessing to see the hopes of our children grow and flourish....this poem is magnificent Ninot! Full of wisdom and beauty!


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