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to understand the world and the how the wind lifts us up high, 
simply remove the elements and then -  perceive a moment
a day, a month, a year

still endless summer
no breeze to sooth tired limbs
out on empty fields


to grasp the importance of the wind at sea, climbing mountains
laden with rain to nourish the earth - perceive a time
a decade, a century, a millennia

no ships to sail across
the wide open seas
no more oceans to conquer


crystal like droplets 
remain heavily floating upon
raging waves

never to miraculously ride the wind to the highlands,
or turn to dew upon the grass in the morning sun


to imagine legends long forgotten, the absent wind
fails to carry tales around the world - perceive that tradition
a story told at bedtime

who would take 
the princess seeking her love
to the West of the Moon -


don quixote would no longer have -
his imaginary foes


when the sun climbs the sky
to play with clouds
flying horses ride no more

flying horses ride no more


to grasp the importance of the wind, snaking through the forest
no longer rustling in between trees - perceive eternity denied

birds grounded
with nest on forest floors
easy prey to all


our world without the caressing breeze, is not our world at all -

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for dversepoets

I imagine this is better as four poems. It seems a tad too clumsy being strung together like this. But the idea behind this poem was to show how the wind influenced so many aspects of our lives.
Our psyche. Our history. Our traditions.


I have made some changes. I hope it reads better.

Remember to play kites this weekend, everyone!


  1. Oooh, interesting.... yes, my thought too was that this feels like several poems rolled into one, but I like each one of them. Are the 'and' and 'or' part of the poem too? I especially like the notion of the wind scattering our stories across the world...

    1. Many thanks Marina Sofia. Yes, the 'and' and 'or' form part of the poem. I think I need to work on this a bit more, while keeping the message intact

  2. I like the way you have shown so many facets of the wind...but yes, I think you have a few poems in one.

    1. So true Mary! So I have firmly separated them…. Thank you!

  3. so true... the world without wind would be a sad place... i esp. love the part with the legends and tales that wouldn't be forwarded without the wind...it's always interesting to listen to the stories he has to tell..

    1. Fables and legends are always my favorite parts too, Claudia.

  4. Love the different facets and importance of the wind ~

    So true if we don't heed the wind's voices from the past, we will lose our legends and fables ~

    I am liking the format Ninot ~ Thanks for adding your lovely voice ~

    1. Dearest Grace

      I hope it reads better now. I love being back. Hopefully I can stay and contribute. I miss all of you - more than words can say.

  5. oh I like the eternity denied, in the loss of the wind through the trees...love the music that it makes when it does...and I so wish I could have been an explorer crossing the seas in the age of exploration...

    1. So do I, Brian. And yet, it was such a fearsome and dangerous time.

  6. The wind within nature's elements. It is everywhere and through the ages prompting and goading.Imagine living things on the forest floor not blessed with winds that give life. Great lines Ninot Maám!


    1. Thank you Sir Hank! Unimaginable for sure!

  7. What an interesting turn - just to imagine what our world would be without the wind - no birds in the air and no windmills to tilt - wonderful answer to the prompt - Thanks!

    1. I love it that you saw the windmill, Kathleen!

  8. I really like the progression, several separate thoughts on the importance of the wind.. I especially like the wind as the bearer of legends... so wonderful... :-)

  9. very philosophical - we don't often examine what we take for granted.

  10. I like the four together -- they didn't seem like four separate poems at all to me. I love how you illustrated the importance of wind in so many aspects of our lives. I especially liked the birds without flight having to nest on the ground. Peace, Linda

  11. Imagining the absence of wind was a fantastic exercise. Well done. Loved it ! Great ideas.

  12. You make us stop and think about how essential is the wind....I love all of the wonderings, and especially "flying horses ride no more".

  13. Although four separate poems, they all went together so well showing all the different aspects of wind. The wind bearing legends is just wonderful! We would have a boring life without wind, not to mention the wind blowing seeds to new places - without wind, not much life. I like these separately and I like them together. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  14. ah, you don't think about how different this world would be without wind... I especially love to sit and meditate outdoors, and the breeze is a huge part of why I enjoy it so much....these poems fit together well and show how wind affects us and this planet is so many ways


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