I see

I sense the velvet like
fragility of a moth
when I close my eyes

 I feel the tremors
of the earth
when I close my fist

I hear the eagles 
flying high
when I close my ears

 I recognize the rapid
flutter of dying love
when I close my heart

I dream of the senseless
march to destruction
when I close my world

I see the velvet like
fragility of a moth
when I close my eyes


(what do you see?)

by ninotaziz

Copyright © 2015 Zalina Abdul Aziz @ ninotaziz
All Rights Reserved.


First poem for 2015


  1. cool progression in this ninot...
    i especially like the tangible fragile velvet feel....
    i can hope the senseless violence does not invade
    our dreams but....

    1. Wow thanks Brian. I was just about to make my rounds…feels good to know despite my sojourn, you are still there for us...

  2. I love those opening lines and, with all the closings, your poem most made me think of the openings of hearts and minds we all need to do in these times........beautiful writing, my friend.

  3. There is so much that we see and can't see...
    Goodbyes have so much attached...
    Nice words.

  4. I really like this. Good use of the form, too.


  5. Maybe we need to close our senses to be more aware.. there is a very nice softness that I really like here.

  6. So are these things real or inside the speaker's head? Either way, I like it.

  7. Oh dear Ninot....I adore this beautiful poem. Thought provoking and true to the heart. Hope all is well with you these days. :-)

  8. Love the images and emotions in this.

  9. You see things beyond those that others ignore. Perhaps others are not unduly sensitive to be so provoked. Perhaps they miss the point of minute proportions which you think big about. Perhaps others lack talents you're endowed with. Varied possibilities! Great write Ninot Ma'am!


  10. That ending lines was unexpected, a twist ~

    Ninot, can you please send me an email at sometimesg@yahoo.com ?

    I need to ask you something, smiles ~


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