Moon hope

There is a moon 
Hanging over the window tonight
And I feel it is soon
Someone will come to make it right

Trapped inside walls
Of my own doing, I hide
It has been a long fall
My tears of loneliness, long dried

The doors are unlocked
I could walk out I suppose
But what lies around the block
No one knows, no one knows

I hear the footsteps
I cringe even as they pass my door
I have been here forever
Never knowing what will come forth

There is a moon 
Hanging over the window tonight
And I hope it is soon
Someone will convince me to fight

Copyright © 2014 ninotaziz. All Rights Reserved.


Inspired by Tess Kincaid over at Magpietales

For oppressed women and children who can't speak for themselves


  1. love this..sweet...great imagination!

  2. Ninot Ma'am,
    There is so much at stake and she had better be prepared. She had to maintain her sanity.No two ways about it. She had to fight! Great lines!


  3. Oh you have captured how the oppressed hide, feeling lonely and trapped. Been there. I love the moon's appearance at beginning and end of the poem - shining some hope, I trust, showing the way.

  4. What a powerful and reflective poem with so many layers of meaning. Always good to see you in PU.

  5. I hope the moons stays high! Nice read, very enjoyable!

  6. I hope so, too.

    Have a merry Christmas!


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