bE Y Ond REal
time moves along backwards
hurtling like a comet
to a world where the music is
en C H an T ing
courteous, and archaic
expressions of love are
to die for
e MO tiona L  UPHeava  l s
are euphoric and the look
inviting one to the other side
i s   m o s t   a n t i c i p a t e d
S u R R enDE r
by ninotaziz
All Rights Reserved
for dversepoets


  1. Hmmmm...I think someone has slipped you one of those charm potions:)

  2. Oh, that romantic world is so beautiful.....where the music is enchanting. Loved this, Ninot.

  3. this is the nonsense that comes with love

  4. I feel the dream of a world that has passed coming strongly through your lines... wonderfully beautiful

  5. nice... that parallel world where we get glimpses and dwell in when love finds us...

  6. ha. i like the mix of upper and lower case...adds just a bit of crazy to it....hey can i jump on that time machine backward to love...smiles.

  7. Ninot Ma'am,
    Love hurtling backwards can certainly make young lovers go crazy but surprisingly enough it happens a lot. Those with strong resolves are the ones who give up but later triumphed with a different partner. Great lines!



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