train rides south
mum missing dad
oblivious, we only enjoy
our moving playground
measured independence
childhood moments

murder on the orient express
mysteries of grey blue eyes
courtesy of Agatha Christie
hours of escape

childhood read
for dversepoets
Bill's post takes me to the time at least 40 years ago. Dad was a manager at a timber company. We had to venture hinterland to see him.
The train ride was at least 12 hours. North. South.
At least I thought so.


  1. I love those books by Agatha Christie, hours of escape certainly ~ That is a long train drive ~ Good to see you Ninot ~

  2. Trains remind me of traveling (alone, as a child), to grandma's house for the summer. I loved going to sleep to the rocking of the train in those cute little bunks........would love to go for a train ride now, but in Canada you have to be rich to do so, it is so expensive.

    1. Memories Sherry rambling on, taking us further past. I once took a train ride from Montreal to New York. Alone. Lovely view...

  3. Ah.. what will we read on the travels and tracks
    of life.. what will we see alive or dead in life..
    how will we feel.. reaching destination
    without books.. or tools.. of us...
    who are we.. but trains
    alive or dead
    in life..
    Trains are fun..:)

  4. Ninot Ma'am,
    Hank had a share of train ride too. We went to K Bahru and Ipoh for our River expeditions and Annual Camps during the RMC days! They were fun!


  5. a long train ride along with Agatha Christie...perfect...

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