We are caught
In turmoil, and continue to seek
For answers, that will surely
One way or the other
Devastate us.

It is time for prayers

by ninotaziz

Malaysia is at the centre of an international hunt for the missing Boeing 777. There are more questions, that lead to even more speculations. We seek for closure and God's guidance in this difficult time.


  1. its always time for prayers...
    and yes our solutions seem as devastating as our problems at times.....

    hey you...smiles.

  2. Ninot, am thinking of you, especially, during these days. All over the world, we are waiting for word. May the passengers be safe - by some miracle.

  3. Here's hoping prayers will be answered..

  4. Perfectly spoken - Thank you... With Best Wishes Scott

  5. The Malaysian jet's crash is such a mystery. And i think there are some indications that the pilot was on a suicide bid. But whatever the truth is it's going to be harsh. We can only pray for peace to the departed and their families. A hard hitting poem. I liked it.

  6. This is a mystery that certainly grips the heart....prayers are being lifted up. I think of you often dear friend, and especially now.

  7. Ninot Ma'am,
    Just as saddened. Never happened like this before anywhere else.That makes it all the more sad. We pray for miracles! Nicely!


  8. Yes, what a mystery causing so much worry and sorrow to the families. We always need prayers and especially now. Thinking of you, Ninot :)


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