The grey skies chase spring
away, as trees bare their souls
superstition flies


copyright © 2013 ninotaziz
all rights reserved


  1. Nice one!!

    I was never encouraged to follow any kind of superstition at home and hence never knew that superstitions existed, till much later in life!! :) This has been a fun prompt day and enjoying them all!! ;) I am amazed by the number of superstitions that exist!! :)

  2. I like the pagan feeling of your haiku, kinda reminds me of those ancient religions under which tribes worshipped forests (or specific trees). Brilliant haiku.

  3. Ninot Ma'am,
    Superstitions are many and varied. That I know! I don't tempt them but neither do I blatantly go against them. Just keeping clear where I can! Nicely!



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