A poem by Ilena

When I am angry,
                                            I must not shout.
I must be calm, 
And take time out.

When I am sad,
I must not frown.
I must not worry,
But smile like a clown.

When I do not know,
I must not cry.
I must ask, 
And think and try.

When I am alone,
I must  not fear.
I must go on,
In good cheer. 

by Ilena


After watching a concert a few weeks ago, my eight year old daughter Ilena wrote this poem.


  1. Ninot Ma'am!
    Said so! Just as I thought! A family that plays together stays together. Is this the young lady that did the cover art work for one of your books? It all comes in a package individually - talents abound,in each one of them! Great poem and great talents!


  2. Dear Sir Hank,
    Thank you for your kind words. This was Ilena, who is turning nine soon. Her elder sister, Inas did the cover of NAGA when she was doing her SPM last year.

    I do enjoy their foray into the creative world. Ilena tells the story Romeo & Juliet marvelously, much better than anything I did when I was her age. Sister Irani dances and writes stories. Ikesha draws and sings. Kak Long writes and takes part in theatre at university. These are their hobbies which I do not interfere with, they just sort of run their course.

    I am thankful.

    1. Ninot Ma'am,
      You're thankful, I'm thrilled. We're just seeing glimpses now. In no time they'll come of age - literary age. It's so wonderful! They'll carry the flag into the literary world and the arts. Give us, give us what you've got. Best Wishes for the future - bright as ever!

      Unc Hank

  3. I love seeing all of those creative gifts in your wonderful children. This is a very well executed poem for an eight year old. Absolutely wonderful!

    1. Sherry I was delighted - we were in the car when she rattled off this poem. She would not let me change one word. My only contribution she allowed was the word cheer at the end.


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