There is a quiet acceptance of our new way of life

More so quiet reflection, and so much less strife

There is fear of the unknown, what tomorrow may bring

Realisation we’re all one in this unprecedented thing

There is resistance to change, while everything crumbles

That which used to divide us, now we unite to battle

Less we fall in despair into the long dreaded spiral

Exponential growth of deadly cases gone viral

When we aim so zealously to flatten the curve

As we think of our family and all whom we love

We celebrate countries that survived the final rage

And saddened for those going into the third wave

For the war is long, the frontliners will emerge embattled

We may never be able to offer gratitude enough in requital

And yet, there is a pause...

That allows us to recognise, the most important things in life

Our family. Our health. Sweet sorrow and sacrifice

Even the suggestion that all this technology is in vain

We should be dancing under blue skies and warm rain

Sing out loud, joyous gratitude for mother earth

The beauty of dew at dawn, the new day’s birth

Signalling the return of a surreal, magnificent day

Thanking God for all His blessings that come our way.

Words by ninotaziz

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