I walk to the corner, round the bend
Trees seem taller, birds sing a different tune
I hop from island to peninsular
The very air seems different, even the moon
I move across three continents
Across oceans and rivers and dunes
I return, years after prolonged absence
I recognise nothing, but the tunes
And all at once, the years disappear.
I am home.
by ninotaziz

for dversepoets


  1. Oh Ninot this is glorious! I can only sigh and say beautiful! I love love love this poem!

  2. Thank you Carrie dear! Was just thinking of you yesterday when I received Stafford's recipe cycle.

  3. it feels good coming home...i like the details you use to build home...and even though they are not the same when we return....

  4. Ninot Ma'am,
    Homecoming is luxurious, to be savored irrespective of how many times it is repeated. One can feel the great joy reading this. Wonderful take!


  5. When one returns home, the years disappear. I love this, Ninot.....


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