The storyteller Part II

The moon is high in the sky this moment
I have all that I wish in this moment

The lingering scent of  perfume in the air
My resolve to go vanished this moment

As you catch my widened eyes and parted lips
Time and place is banished, this moment

Deep sighs intermingle with passion
The story undiminished this moment

A tear escapes at the end of the tale
Caught by forlorn and anguish this moment

My listener sits so still, enraptured
The storyteller shall cherish this moment

by ninotaziz
all rights reserved

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  1. smiles....of course the story teller will having wiped out everything the mind of the listener there is only story

  2. very tender and sensual.. like how it flows so freely.

  3. I love this form and the refrain, this moment ~ Storytellers have that magic ~

  4. i am enraptured too, by the ghazal. :)

  5. yes, very sensual and sensitive words. :<)

  6. What a lovely poetry form, the ghazal. First time I've read one. Thanks for sharing, Ninot! Enjoyed it. Romantic and sensual :)

  7. Beautiful! Everything we need is contained in this moment!

  8. So wonderful......."I have all that I wish in this moment." A wonderful state of being!

  9. Wonderful .. love the choice of word to use in the ghazal.. make me inspired to try again... really..

  10. i like this living in the moment.....and that unforgettable bond between the listener and the storyteller....lovely


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