Ikesha's Illustrated Book Of Pi

Ikesha was very taken up by the movie Life Of Pi. Being six years old, she could not read the novel so I agreed to write a simpler Life Of Pi for her to read if she would draw the story.

So here it is, 
Ikesha's Illustrated Book Of Pi
Original Story by Yann Martel
Illustrations by Ikesha

My Name

Pondicherry, India

Moving to Canada

The Storm

Pi escapes

Pi's crew

Richard Parker

The Moon


Goodbye Richard Parker


Between Mac, iPhone and JPG, I could not rotate those two illustrations so I left it until I can do something about it later. Blame it on blogger fatigue.


  1. Ninot Ma'am,
    How sweet! We get the story loud and clear. Ikesha has the potential! Nicely!


    1. Ikesha loves drawing and she knows no matter how busy I am, I would stop awhile to appreciate her artwork.

  2. that is so awesome....i love her pics...ha...they are perfect for the story...smiles.

  3. Very cute! Is Ikesha your daughter? What a wonderful mini-book. Happy New Year, Ninot, and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :)

    1. Hi Loredana,
      Yes, Ikesha is the youngest of my five daughters and is full of mischief and love. Happy New Year to you too Loredana and isn't it lovely that we are here with our family and friends, near and far.

  4. That was so sweet, I like the pictures especially the book cover.

    1. Yes, I love Ikesha's illustration. She is the sweetest little girl (of course to me!)


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