I have often wondered
About the symbols man leave behind
Clues and secret treasures
With no one to decipher
What dreams and guesswork
They begin to inspire
Writers and dreamers are agog
Many turn to spin on blogs
Here is the Eye in the sky
Certainly I am reminded
Of Alan Parson's project
I hear you object
The  American dollar
Places this symbol into
Each and every American's hand
So that they can say 'I  can!'
And yes, this is the symbol
Of the American Seal
Novus Ordo Seclorum
A New Order of The Ages?
A poor offering from me, for the Magpietales
I can't wait to see what Berowne has written this time!


  1. Nicely put. The symbol is also at the heart of Freemasonry, by the way.

    1. I thought so too Anthony. But I could not recall where I saw that. And decided to keep it out of the poem.

  2. Well said. It makes me think that beliefs founded on "All we need is a dollar" are ones that, in the long run, are certain to founder.

  3. Ooooooooh ... you got me with the Alan Parsons Project ... I loved 'Inside Looking Out' ... wonderful poem!!!

  4. I thought of Alan Parsons Project as well....(I love them by the say) I love the hope you have seeping through your message...."The American dollar places this symbol into each and every that they can say "I can" this Ninot!!


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