The sounds of life

Someone listened to the sounds of the earth and unraveled great mysteries....

Listen to the bees buzzing
The meaning of industry
In springtime

Listen to the waves crashing
The meaning of gravity
That defies winter

Listen to the thunder breaking
The meaning of sound velocity
Autumn night fears

Listen to the lightning
The meaning of electricity
Deep in the summer

Someone listened to the sounds of the hearth and unraveled humanity

Tears slowly falling
The meaning of humanity
Every season ends

Clocks ticking
The meaning of mortality
Every winter comes

Listen to the guns firing
The meaning of atrocity
Ideologies change

Listen to hands clapping
The meaning of community
Celebrations here!

Someone, listen. Continue to listen.

For Thursday Think Tank and Haiku Heights.


  1. I think this is one of my favorites of your poems, beautiful, and EXACTLY about the sounds of life. Great writing, kiddo.

    1. Sherry, I was just over at yours, and am trying to understand the lessons we MUST learn from the tragedy of Captain.

  2. Listen to the beauty and wisdom that flows from your words this!! :-)

  3. Love these sounds which greatly describe life. Love the repetition. Beautiful poem

  4. this is excellent ma' how the two mirror but the second gets right into the grist of it...wonderful

  5. I love how you embraced so many
    Circles of life
    Well done n thought provoking ; )

  6. Ninot Ma'am,
    It's amazing that the sounds on earth of buzzing and rumblings can be made acceptable and in sync to that of rumblings of guns and the heart. Wonderfully done to round off what's on the ground! Great write Ma'am!



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