There is a quiet acceptance of our new way of life

More so quiet reflection, and so much less strife

There is fear of the unknown, what tomorrow may bring

Realisation we’re all one in this unprecedented thing

There is resistance to change, while everything crumbles

That which used to divide us, now we unite to battle

Less we fall in despair into the long dreaded spiral

Exponential growth of deadly cases gone viral

When we aim so zealously to flatten the curve

As we think of our family and all whom we love

We celebrate countries that survived the final rage

And saddened for those going into the third wave

For the war is long, the frontliners will emerge embattled

We may never be able to offer gratitude enough in requital

And yet, there is a pause...

That allows us to recognise, the most important things in life

Our family. Our health. Sweet sorrow and sacrifice

Even the suggestion that all this technology is in vain

We should be dancing under blue skies and warm rain

Sing out loud, joyous gratitude for mother earth

The beauty of dew at dawn, the new day’s birth

Signalling the return of a surreal, magnificent day

Thanking God for all His blessings that come our way.

Words by ninotaziz


it is a time of dire straits. panic. chaos. that brings out the worst in people. and yet, the best in humanity. the ones...
only the chosen ones
see butterflies when they
spot caterpillars...
we are brought to a stand still. silence. order. that brings about containment. and yet, the pandemic rages on. the hopeful...
only the hopeful
see the end of chaos
when the first buds
mothers desperately seek moments. calm. before. the storm. that brings together a world. and yet, we may never change. as autumn arrives...
autumn may well
be the beginning of truth
as we return to earth
we return to earth’s natural rhythm. waves. thunder. seasons. that heals all catastrophe. we hope and pray as this new order takes over...
if only we learn. if only we learn.
haibun by ninotaziz


poetry left me at the door
it felt final, i was not quite sure
she was truly not
coming back 

i was caught in life’s net
of such important things, you bet
that mattered not, actually
i was one to fret
when to step back

into the life i have chosen
i pay tribute to this passion
over words, over stories
yearning to return
word woven

poems to embrace
is  the true life of grace
crawl over pages
away from blase
finding my grace

poetry, my life

by ninot aziz

Copyright (c) 2020 ninotaziz

Note: Finding inspiration from 7th century poet, Li Bai, Tang Dynasty

If I could turn back the clock

there were moments
frozen in time, but never undone
there were words
spoken in haste, and forever hanging
in that space between the dimension
of forgiveness and pain
laughters that echo
through the tunnels of time
there is love that is overwhelming
but still not enough
it is not emptiness that remain
but bittersweet pain, the deep loss that knows
what will never be replaced.
Copyright  © 2016 ninotaziz


Photo courtesy of Gabriella

Where have all the people disappeared to? Do we say hello to one another down the street? Does Friday appear almost as soon as Monday is here? The weekend passes by in a blink...

brisk summer walks
business as usual
city is alive and aware

How have all my friends been doing? Do we still write emails and letters  to each other? Does December appear almost as soon as soon as January arrives? The months pass by in a blink...

autumn to autumn
rivers flow as they should
to sea without hesitation

When did all the children go silent? Do we hear their laughter ringing in the street? Does winter appear as soon as summer is over? The seasons pass by in a blink...

snowflakes fall
all sleep even as the wind howls
the earth renews itself

Why are all the babies announcements unfamilliar? Did we attend our best friends' baby showers this year? Does Christmas appear almost as soon as we celebrate New Year? The year passes by in a blink...

a lone sprig grows
spring brings hope and false
security is so fleeting

Where is that mountain over yonder? Did I miss the horizon while the city grew taller? Did a concrete jungle  appear over busy years? Did the decades pass us by in a blink...

summer is relentless
like the morning glory
a kingdom to climb

Copyright © 2016 ninotaziz

All Rights Reserved


because Gabriella is calling haibun
and winter is over

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